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Rugelach at Kugel’s

December 30th, 2009

I was going through some old pictures on my camera and came across this beauty of chocolate rugelach I got at Kugel’s(located in Trolley Square) about a month ago and forgot to post about it.  Usually when I find rugelach, it’s too dry, lacking flavor or just a different style altogether but this is just like the kind my aunt used to serve at her house when I was a kid. ??? ????????  
I don’t know where else in Framingham they have rugelach like this so I just wanted to give a shout out to Kugel’s for selling such a fine product (as well has serving great breakfasts and sandwiches).


December 28th, 2009

As you may know, I love supporting local businesses but every once in a while there is a local business that gives me a rough time and I’m not crazy about.  I had an experience with Bacson printing that I tried to give the benefit of the doubt to and thought maybe the person answering the phone was having a bad day and because of that, was lacking in customer service skills – not that I even feel that is right, but you know, it happens sometimes and is usually forgivable when you call back another time and they are back to being nice.

I’ll try to condense my story and say I somehow made a mistake and paid an invoice twice without noticing, granted it’s not much (a little over $20) but still, why pay for something twice.  So I called and said something like “Hi, I made a mistake and just realised I somehow paid an invoice twice and I see that both checks have been cashed” and the girl on the other end of the phone was just silent, which was akward.  I said “So…” waiting for her to tell me who I need to talk to or ask me the invoice number or something but just got more silence “…I’ll need to speak to someone about that” and she just said  “I’ll have someone call you back”.  So I gave her my name and number and that was that.

I assumed she meant someone would get back to me sometime that day but  no one ever called back so I called back at the end of the following day and said I was calling because someone said they’d have someone call me back and I haven’t heard from anyone and it was the same girl and she just said “Yeah, we’re really busy” and then was silent and to make sure she was done, I sat there too for a few seconds and when I realised that was the end of her statement, I finally said “So, I can’t talk to anyone about that?” and she said “we’re just really busy so someone will get back to you when they can”  and I said “Okay, so should I call you guys next week if I don’t hear from you this week?”  She said “You can, but someone should get back to you eventually”.  I was hoping for some sort of time table and just wanted to clarify and I said “eventually?” and she just said “Yeah.” and then was silent.  Like I was supposed to know when I first called the day before how busy they were and that I needed to wait for someone to get back to me “eventually”.

So in the middle of the following week, I called to check in and the same predicatble converation took place.  I said who I was, what I was calling about and was responded with the usual silence, which I really feel like is an attitude in itself, especially at this point when the girl knows what my sitauation is.  So after a few seconds of silence I said “So….can I please just talk to someone about this?”  and she said “We’re really busy, we know and someone will write you a check eventually”.   I guess I was supposed to know that(?).  After all, I never even got to give her the invoice number since she wouldn’t let me talk to anyone.  I said “Okay, but please understand from my end that I have no way of knowing that, I’ve only been told that you’re too busy to let me talk to anyone” and she just ignored that and said “Yup, they’ll write you a check, I mean it’s not for much, what – twenty bucks? They’ll get to it eventually because we’re just really busy”.  Okay, I get it – you’re busy, jeez!  I said “Well I’m glad business is so good for you and that you’re so busy” and she said “well short-staffed is more like it”.  I said something like “yeah I guess you are”.  At this point I’ll just stop calling and wait because I can’t stand more conversations like these.

It’s not even the waiting that bothers me.  They could’ve told me someone will get back to me in the next two or three weeks, I don’t care, it’s the lack of information I was given and then I just hate calling a place I gave some business to and I feel like a jerk for calling.  To just get silence and an aloof attitude gave me the feeling that I was a bother to them and I shouldn’t have added to their workload in the first place.
Someone told me that when it comes to printing the kinds of things they do that they’re “the only game in town”.  But I’m not a fan of places that don’t care because they don’t have to.

I don’t think they’d like it if I ordered something else and didn’t pay the invoice and then when they called asking for a payment from me and I’d just be silent, make them repeat themselves and then finally respond with “Yeah I’m just really busy, you’ll get paid eventually – I mean it’s only for what- twenty bucks?”.

Anyway, I’m sure people like Bacson since they’re the “only game in town” but that was my experience with them.

Red Rover Clothing

December 22nd, 2009

Yesterday I asked my boss where she got her scarf and she said Red Rover Clothing, which is  a building away from our work and she said “I should bring you over there sometime”.  Later in the day I was looking at it and asked her how much it was and she put down her pen and said “Lets just go over there! 1xbet ???? ” So we walked over and she introduced me to the owner, Cindy, who makes almost everything herself and is really nice and showed us her workspace upstairs.
The shop is small but neatly stocked with all sorts of really cute fleece clothing, gloves, scarves, bags and jewelry.

Red Rover Clothing is at 9 Vernon St. ???? ??????? ???? ???? ????? and you can check out the site at

Another Framingham salad dressing

December 16th, 2009

In addition  to Ken’s and Fanny’s dressing (which can be found next to each other at Stop& Shop),  Gerard Farm makes their own salad dressing too.
I just got around to trying yesterday and it has an interesting flavor, very sweet and I think it would go well on something like Napa cabbage salad.
Also, I’ve heard they will be closing (just for the season) at the end of the month, although there is no mention on their website of an exact date.
For more info on everything else Gerard Farm has, check out their site:

Stairs are done

December 13th, 2009

The completion of the steps are actually a few weeks old now but I haven’t been by the Memorial building since the last time I posted.
So, if anyone hasn’t been by, the front steps are done!  Nice and safe and with pleasant railings too. 
I missed the tree lighting but it’s great to see the front of the building all decorated and festive.  Of course, it’s always a welcome sight to see the old Shoppers World soldiers dusted off for another season too.
I tried to do some sort of holiday shopping while I was downtown but there’s not a lot of places to get gifts at (besides CVS) so I just got some smoked salmon for my mom at Skaska, which she asks me to get when I go there, so I gave that to her as part of a Hanukkah gift. 
I’m still hopeful someday downtown will be more of a destination to go to, but it least until then we don’t have to look at crumbling steps anymore.  Nice to see progress in town 🙂

A walk to the bridge

December 6th, 2009

Today Ethan and I too a walk down to look at the new bridge that was opened last week.
I think they did a nice job on it.  Not totally crazy about the baby blue paint but I really like the wood surface.  I guess it wasn’t necessary, but it looks nice around all the trees to have the wood planks and I feel like there is a subtle but nice difference in driving over wood than pavement. 

I do feel a little bad for the people who enjoyed having a quiet street because it’s a pretty and peaceful little area but while were visiting the bridge, a few cars seemed to be driving faster than they should have (speed limit is 25) and one guy totally wailed over it and was still accelerating as he sped off into the distance toward Ski Market.  I think if the town wanted to make some money, they could set up a speed trap there.  Anyway, it’s a nice bridge and I’m glad it’s open.

On the way we walked by Bowditch field.  It’s weird to see it with all of the bleachers are gone. 

I never went to a game or anything there but it sounded like the bleachers were in serious need of repair and crumbling so I think it’s great the town is doing something about it.  I remember voting for this project’s approval at town meeting, what seems like 2 years ago and forgot about it until they recently started working on it.  I’m looking forward to watching the progress on this.

History Roundtable Discussion: Shoppers World

December 2nd, 2009

It’s finally here!  My work, the Framingham History Center, is holding their monthly History Roundtable discussion and this month we’re discussing the sorely missed original Shoppers World.

Saturday, December 5
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Edgell Memorial Library (3 Oak St.)

Tell you own stories or listen to others and check out the display of photos and artifacts, including the old route 30 sign which was “fun” for my gracious volunteer crew to move into the display area:

We’ll be serving “Jordan Marsh” blueberry muffins provided by the culinary students at Keefe Tech and Panache coffee will graciously be supplying the joe.  So before you go to battle route 9 to do holiday shopping at the current stupid “Shoppers World”, stop by and remember the original!

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