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Agreement For Partial Rent Payment

April 7th, 2021

Finally, at the end of the agreement, you want to add a disclaimer that repeats that the original lease conditions are still fully in force. This document can be considered a complement to the original rental. The terms and conditions here do not replace or alter the original lease. Partial payments can be a good way to keep tenants who have had financial problems in your property if you don`t want to distribute them, while making sure you get paid. By creating a formal agreement, you have a guarantee that you can present to the court if you ever have to move to evict the tenant in the future. PARTIAL PAYMENTS To put it in Shakespeare`s words, accepting partial rents or not is the question? It is quite a business decision; However, it has legal implications. It is entirely up to the landlord and tenant to get an agreement on partial payments of the money owed, be it rent, late fees, sureties, etc. It is of the utmost importance to submit in writing any partial payment agreement. As with most landlord/tenant disputes, the once very lax conversation and the partial payment agreement now becomes two completely different agreements, depending on whether the landlord or tenant is asked. The most common partial payment situation we have seen are partial rent payments. This can be done in different ways. First, the tenant who is unable to pay full rent and only pays part of the rent to the landlord with the promise to make the rest of the payment either later in the month or all with next month`s rent. Second, it is the tenant who makes substantial erratic payments, and that is the most problematic of the two.

This usually occurs when a tenant falls back on the rent or the tenant knows that he or she will soon no longer be able to make payments. The tenant then makes a partial payment of one month and an additional payment over other months. Example of the tenant is short $100 this month and promises to pay the $100 with the rent next month.

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