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October 18th, 2010

It’s that lovely spooky time of year again!  My work, The Framingham History Center, is having their annual Haunted Trolley Tour. ?????? ???????
It’s a 45 minute ride through Framingham’s mysterious past! ????? ???????? ?? ?????? 2023    Actors from the Framingham Community Theatre will narrate the spooky legends and ghost stories that abound on the back roads and main thoroughfares of town. ????? ??? ??? ????

After the tour people can come back to the Edgell Memorial Library where we’ll be displaying some fine vintage Dennison Halloween products, playing “old time” seasonal games and offering cider and donuts.
The tour takes place on Saturday, October 30th at the Edgell Memorial Library and trolley’s leave at 5pm and 6pm
$10 for adults, $5 ages 8-12
The ride isn’t suggested for children under 8 years old.
To buy tickets and for more info check out the site:

Sweet Boutique

October 24th, 2009

I was making a Halloween care package to send to my sister in Oregon and thought I’d check out Sweet Boutique for seasonal treats.  They have a nice display of chocolate pops, candy corn, maple wafers, pumpkin fudge and packaged chocolates with Halloween-themed wrappers.

They also have lots of hand-dipped goodies like chocolate covered marshmallows and pretzels:

Pretzel “brooms”:

A great product they have are these packaged sugar eyes that you can put on cupcakes or your own chocolates at home:

If you’re looking for some Halloween treats and want to support a local business run by very nice people, please visit Sweet Boutique (371 Worcester Rd) and check out their site at
Happy Halloween!

Haunted Halloween Trolley Tour

October 1st, 2009

Yay, it’s finally my favorite month, October!   I’m excited that the Framingham History Center is running their Haunted Halloween Trolley Tour.  Below are some details from their website:

“Take a 45 minute trolley ride through Framingham’s mysterious past.  Costumed actors tell true stories “dug up” and verified by author James L. Parr during a tour that features haunting scenes at actual locations of the town’s most bizarre and scary tales.  Sword fighting pirates, ghosts, highwaymen and eerie tableaus will unfold as riders wend their way through the highways and byways of town. After the tour visitors will be treated to refreshments and a variety of activities at the “haunted” Edgell Memorial Library on Framingham’s Centre Common.  Esmeralda will tell fortunes, while paranormal investigators will share the “results” of their stake out at the library last winter.”

Check out their site for more info and to buy tickets:

Ch-ch-ch Ha-ha-ha

October 17th, 2008

We took a walk down Union Ave tonight and saw this very cool Mike Myers display.  I’m a Jason girl myself, but I thought this was awesome and actually would like to look into how to get a figure that looks that good in our yard (Ethan agreed as long as it’s not up year round.)
Mike also looks especially spooky at night!

Halloween Outlet is coming!

August 25th, 2008

We were driving down Rt 9 this weekend and noticed the signs at this year’s location for the Halloween outlet at the old Saab dealership.
From the east-bound side:

I thought it was slightly interesting that they chose another Tudor style building like they did 2 years ago at the old Border’s Books building. I think they skipped a Framingham location last year, maybe because we got Halloween Express (which was awesome) but glad to see they’re back and interested to see what they do with the space inside.

Just around the corner…

August 1st, 2008

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the summer.  I like out-door swimming, waking up to daylight, ice cream at the beach, not having to bundle up when I leave the house, etc… but as some readers know, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I get a small thrill out of seeing the first appearences of Halloween products for the season.  Such as this simple display at the Stop & Shop on Old Connecticut Rd. I saw last night.
Not full blown Halloween but we see some nice autumn colors and the m&m’s suggest a little creepyness.  No bad for mid-summer.

Old Dennison products

October 12th, 2007

Walking through the downtown library, I saw a nice display of Halloween products made by the old Dennison paper product factory here in Framingham.

I thought it was interesting to see these old designs. ?????   From what I saw the displayed peices were dated from 1918-30’s. ?? ??? ???????? ?? ????????   Just something worth checking out if you’re in the library. ???? ??? ???????

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