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Pizza Quest: Friendly Pizza

November 21st, 2006

Sunday we decided to try Friendly Pizza on 135 near the Natick line.  I think I had been there a few years ago if this is the same place that was in the supermarket plaza on 135 where the Harley Davidson store is now.  I get Family Pizza and Friendly pizza mixed up since they’re so close to each other but I have been to one of them a few years ago.
 We just got a small pizza with peppers and onions.

Whenever we get pizza I ask Ethan if he thinks it’s Greek or Italian style because I’m still not clear what the difference is.  He said it’s pretty much Greek but the crust was actually lighter and airier than a typical Greek pizza so I don’t know really what you’d call it.

It was okay, I liked the crust.  I thought it could have had a little more sauce under the blanket of cheese but that’s just me.  Ethan said he thought it was pretty good. ?????? ?????
I think after we tried a place a few weeks ago and agreed it was the worst pizza we ever had,  we’re always pleasantly surprised when a pizza is at least what you expect, and if it’s extra good it a plus. ????? ??? ???? ????   The guy at the counter was friendly enough too.


October 26th, 2006

Sorry for the repost if anyone saw this a while ago, this was another post that got deleted the same week I posted it because my server got hacked had “problems”.
Over the summer we went to Francos because we heard so many good things about it. ????? ???? glc   I remember the guys at the counter were friendly and it was nice and clean inside. ??? ?????? ????
We got half plain/mushroom:

By now I really forget how to describe it.  I remember we thought it was pretty good but I can’t remember anything unique about it. nice fc   I would go back though.  Maybe when I do I’ll re-post but I just wanted to add Franco’s to the pizza quest.

Pizza Quest: Famous Pizza

October 7th, 2006

I know, pizza twice in one week but, this afternoon Ethan and I were on our way home and felt like getting pizza.  I forget which pizza place I wanted to try next but I knew Famous Pizza was on the list and I like their sign so we decided to Pinefield Plaza in Saxonville and try it out. ??? ?? ?????   I didn’t know what to expect since I’ve never really heard anyone talk about this place that should be “famous”.

We got a half-plain, half-eggplant, I guess this is what you’d call “Greek Style” because it was greasy, I’m not sure if that is the definition though.  I’m sure there is someone out there who can define it better than I did, so if you know the difference, feel free to comment.

We really liked it.  I even ate the crust, which I don’t usually do, because it was nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  The sauce was good, a little sweeter than I’m used to but combined with the cheese, eggplant and dough it was really good.

Also, when we were picking out drinks at the fridge I saw this Godiva “Dark Chocolate Mocha” thing and being a dark chocolate fan, felt compelled to try it.   It was goo-ood! I know Famous pizza doesn’t make these but they are the only place that I’ve seen these so whoever decides on what drinks they’ll sell made a good decision.

Like the guy on the sign says, “M-M-M-M It’s delicious!”

La Cantina: Pizza edition

October 5th, 2006

Tonight my uncle and I went to La Cantina because he said they have good pizza.  I’ve always got a pasta dishes or chicken marsala there before but never pizza so I thought I’d add this to the quest.
We got a meatball and onion:

I really liked this pizza because of the crust, it was soft on the inside but crispy on the outside (I love the crispy!).
I tried to take a close up of the crust but the flash was a little too much, maybe you can still see what I mean from the photo.

My uncle said you can ask for them to make a thin crust pizza which is even crispier so I will definitely try that next time.
We also got salad, which I forgot to take a picture of, but you really have to taste the dressing to appreciate it anyway.  Although they sell it in bottles, I always think it tatses better there in the restaurant for some reason.

I have nothing else to say except that I’m stuffed right now.  That’s a good pizza pie!

Framingham Baking Co. (Pizza Quest)

September 20th, 2006

Yet another place I’ve gone by 100 times and never stopped in is the Framingham Baking Co.
I’ve always noticed they had a nice sign right on 135 and kept meaning to check it out so I finally did.
The entrance is around the corner from the sign and inside its pretty much a counter with an open kitchen.

There are some shelves with some items like breadcrumbs, Fannie’s salad dressing and the day old bargains too.
There were cookies, breads and croissants but I decided to get some pizza since I was on my way home from work and figured we could try it for dinner.
I don’t know what style you call it but they sold it by the rectangle. I got three kinds: plain, pepperoni and a “white” pizza with broccoli.

I re-heated these in the oven and split them up with Ethan. Normally I don’t eat this style pizza because it’s usually cardboardesque but they do something right with the dough.  The bottom was a little crisp, and the rest was moist enough not to be like cardboard but cooked enough not to be doughy.
They were all good but surprisingly we thought the plain tasted the best, maybe “less is more” since the dough was so good or maybe the sauce and cheese they use makes the difference.
I’ll definitely go back to try some of their other stuff.

Pizza quest: Gianni’s

September 2nd, 2006

We finally got to Gianni’s. Great pizza, I’d say one of the best so far.  It’s an interesting operation. It was really busy and there were like 6 (maybe more?) guys behind the counter, all of them occupied doing something.  Most people seemed to have called in their order and knew the drill which was to walk up to the counter and just say their first name, no “Hi, um, I called in an order, it’s under Smith”.  It was just “Fred”, then one of the 6 guys would say “subs or pizza?” an exchange of money for food would be made and then it was on to the next first name.
I ordered our pizzas and one of the guys asked me for my name, said it would be 20 minutes and got back to work. ???? ????

We took a little stroll around Nobscot plaza while we waited.  When we got back I peered through the people waiting at the counter and a the guy who took my order looked up and saw me and said “Just about 5 more minutes Michelle”. ????? ??? ????   I don’t know why but I was impressed by that, I’ve never been there before and he remembered my name instead of remembering just what I ordered.  Maybe since all the other customers were such regulars I stood out because he never saw me before, I don’t know. ???? ?????
We got a plain and a Greek pizza, both very good:

Pizza Quest: Centre Pizza

August 9th, 2006

On the recommendation of so many people we tried to go to Gianni’s but when we got there we found a note saying they were on vacation.  We were so disappointed because everyone raves about Gianni’s so much but we regrouped and headed to Centre Pizza where we’ve only had subs before so we thought we’d check out the pizza.(That’s half onion, half plain)

I guess I can see why no one has written in and raved about Centre, although it smelled great. I think something is lacking in the sauce or cheese and the dough was a little too doughy but it could have been a fluke pie.  It wasn’t horrible but the quest continues.  I want to add though that their subs are super.

Also I wanted to point out in Gianni’s window is a flyer posted by someone looking for a lost dog 🙁

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