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This Is Framingham
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Busa Bushwhack Trail Race

October 31st, 2016

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I’ve been running on roads exclusively since I started running, but recently (as in 2 weekends ago) found an interest in trail running, which I’m actually really afraid of.  There are so many rocks and roots to constantly be looking out for and then add a bunch of leaves hiding those things…it’s just a lot to think about while moving forward, especially for someone like me who doesn’t even like to go for a hike in fear of rolling an ankle on an acorn.
But in an attempt to embrace going outside my comfort zone (because we should do that once in a while- right?) I decided to do a 15 mile trail race in NH and loved it, so when I saw the Greater Framingham Running Club‘s Busa Bushwhack 10 mile race through Callahan State Park I signed right up for it.

In my excitement to run a another trail race I neglected to look at the course details, terrain and elevation. I  found out that course was way different then the relatively flat rail trail course I did the week before.  I remember at one point thinking “I just want to get the f*** out of here!!” and I did eventually, but more importantly I learned that I can throw myself ignorantly into a situation and deal with it (if I want to call that dealing).  I also met a super nice runner who is leaps and bounds above me in running accomplishments but saw that I was clearly struggling and took me under her wing, encouraging me to keep up with her. ???? ??? ?????  Somehow I did, and got out of the woods without a major face-plant (although I remember grabbing onto a tree at one point downhill) and just a minor ankle sprain.

There were also some really nice runners who I spoke with, including a former co-worker who I hadn’t seen in years, which was great and the volunteers were very knowledgeable and friendly too, just so many nice people. ?????? ?????  That’s another thing about this race, that even though everyone seemed to know each other and I went there as a total rogue, people were so nice and easy to talk to.  Sometimes I wonder why someone would pay to run when you can do it for free, but it’s events like this that make it worth it and make you feel like you’re part of a group.

Also, I know it shouldn’t matter  that much but the pre and post-race food was great.  I went to a 5K the day before for the same price that just had old dinner rolls and water at the start and finish, but this race had cookies, coffee, bagels, peanut butter, bananas, sports drink, Waverly Market sandwiches and some other treats.  It was really impressive!

Anyway, not that anyone will probably even read this, but I haven’t posted in a while because I don’t get into Framingham much and when I do I’m usually just stuck in traffic or  running boring, non-postworthy errands (do I really need to get into how terrible the Trader Joe’s parking lot is again?) but I felt that this was such a nice experience in the old ‘ham that I wanted to share.  Thanks GFRC for a really great experience!

Sweet Spot Frozen Yogurt

June 10th, 2012

I was driving home on Rt. 9 today and I passed Trolley Square. ??????  As I was traveling up the ramp to Edgell Rd I noticed a new sign where Vera’s Deli used to be.  I was in the left lane it was too late to take a right to check it out but actually turned around at the next light just to go back and take a picture. ???? ??

Yay! I’m so excited something fun is moving into this space.   According to Sweet Spots’s Facebook page they will have 45 rotating frozen yogurt flavors with over 60 toppings to choose from. casino 888  Sounds awesome, I’m looking forward to checking them out.
You can check out their facebook page here:

Joan and Ed’s cookbook is here!

June 7th, 2011

Actually I got this a few weeks ago but just posting about it now.  I was really excited to see that when I checked their site last month that there was an announcement of the long-awaited cookbook being available.
I got a few copies for my sister, my friend and myself. ivermectin max dose
I was really happy to see that the only place they are sold in Framingham is right around the corner from my work at a shop called Selections.

It’s at 935 Worcester Rd and they sell clothing, jewelry, gifts and more. ivermectin solution
You can check out their site here:
To check out Joan and Ed’s cookbook page to order online, visit:
I haven’t made anything yet but I’m looking forward to trying their knish and kugel reicpes.

Carrie Anne’s/ Lou’s donuts

May 30th, 2011

Today Ethan and I headed down to the newly opened  Carrie Anne’s at the former KFC on 135 (186 Waverly St.).
They are serving a limited menu now as they get ready for their grand opening but you can get some breakfast items including eggs, homefries, corned beef hash, French toast made with challah bread and “Lou’s donuts”.  I’m not familiar with Lou’s donuts but apparently they are missed and from what I understand, the owner is Lou’s granddaughter and has the recipes.
Today we just wanted to check out the donuts so we got two and shared them.
Ethan got a honey dipped:

and I got chocolate glazed (served with the hole on top):

They were both really good but kind of leaned toward the chocolate because of the crunchy outer layer.  This was an excellent donut. The coffee was really good too.
My photos of the inside didn’t turn out too good but there is a counter with about 10 or 12 stools and a seating area.
I saw the French toast and it looks delicious so I’ll go back sometime to try that.
For more info, their phone number is 508-875-2500 and they have lots of photos on their facebook page if you are curious to check out more images.
I hope this place does well!

Surprise at Trader Joe’s

January 19th, 2011

Today I was at Trader Joe’s picking out a snack and decided to try their Greek style pomegranate yogurt. I know it’s a little silly but I like to reach in back to grab one of those closer in to the walk-in/stocking fridge thinking it’s colder (even though it’s probably just as cold as the ones in front but whatever..).  When I did, I felt something that wasn’t anything like a yogurt container and looked to see it was a plastic lobster.
I figured some kid left his/her toy there but then I saw it was wearing a shirt that stated it’s name was Rocky and to bring him up to the customer service desk for a prize(!)  I got to pick out a few lower-priced items (form anywhere in the store, not just from a predetermined selection) as my reward.   I had no idea TJ’s runs this kind of activity and thought it was funny that I randomly decided to try something I never had before and found Rocky.  It was such a treat and thought I’d pass it along that you may want to keep a look-out for Rocky at the Framingham Trader Joe’s.

Boston Bound!

January 8th, 2011

Wow, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted.  There hasn’t been much going on, I’ve had kind of winter blahs and have been very down on Framingham in general so I decided to lay low.
The other day my boss came over to my desk and said that the Board of Selectmen each get a marathon number to give to someone to run on behalf of a non-profit and one of them called her (knowing I run) and asked if I’d be interested in receiving his number!   I shook my head in disbelief and made sure I understood correctly that I would be getting number to run the Boston Marathon.  After I understood that YES, that was the deal, I was just ecstatic!
This mean so much to me.  My sisters and I would look forward to handing out water every year in front of my dad’s store downtown when we were kids and I never thought that one day I’d be on the other side of the water cup!

Then I thought how it was kind of amazing that if we never moved to Framingham, I’d never have started this blog.  And this blog is why I did a post about the History Center.  Because of that connection, I interviewed and got a job there.  Because of my boss’s brother I got into running last year (which has changed my life) and now, again because of work, I have this amazing opportunity  which wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t move to Framingham in the first place.

So while I’ve been down on the ‘ham, it took this event to remind me that this place isn’t always so bad and I’ve met so many great people since moving here that have effected me in ways I don’t realize until I take a step back and see where I am and what I’ve done since coming here.

I told Selectmen Sisitsky (after thanking him profusely) that he just changed the next 4 months of my life!  I’ll start a training program next week and while there’s a little more pressure than just running on my own, since I’m fundraising  for work, I’m so grateful and excited to be officially part of the Boston Marathon!

Old Fabric Place to be…a new fabric place.

October 12th, 2010

According to the realtor for this property, she has stated:” The FABRIC PLACE site will be reopened by the end of October. The name will be “Sewfisticated Discount Designer Fabrics”. The Framingham store will be the third location of a family operated business. The new website  will be online by Monday. (although it’s not as of today)
They will carry a complete selection of fabrics at deeply discounted prices including all types of apparel fabric, brand-name quilting cottons, high-end home decorating fabrics, and tons of trims, notions, ribbons, and crafts.”

I’m actually glad to see another fabric place move in because I stopped quilting when they left and hope to get inspired by a new place I can easily get to and hopefully it will be worth other sewers to travel out to it like they did with the old store.
Joanne’s is okay for the usual fabric needs but sometimes schlep to get to down rt.9. in Natick.  Between this, the new appliance/furniture store, Limey’s and the soon-to-be-opened balloon design shop, it seems like downtown is picking up a little steam.  It’s nice to be able to say that because yesterday I almost wrote a full rant about how much I hate downtownbut I’ll save that for another post when I have a day like I did yesterday. ivermectin maroc
Anyway, looks like things are picking up so I hope it continues to fill vacant stores with tax-paying businesses. ivermectin paste or injectable more effective for goats

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