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Catholic Schools Office Enterprise Agreement

April 8th, 2021

In a statement, Gerard Mowbray, Acting Director of the CSO, said he had met with representatives and “reaffirmed the diocese`s real commitment to working with our colleagues to resolve the EA.” They were withdrawn from the enterprise agreement and received the modern “Bare Bones” award with individual contracts. Enterprise agreements are enterprise-level agreements between employers and workers on terms of employment. “We value our colleagues and that is why we strive to work with them to reach a timely solution to the proposed three-year contract, which involves a salary increase of 2.5 per cent per year. Steven Newman, representative of the Independent Union for Education (IEU) and a member of the CSO, said the diocese had “refused” to negotiate the coverage clause in the new enterprise agreement. Staff from the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic School Board (CSO) joined in a work stoppage against the “corporatization” of the organisation to discuss their enterprise agreement. Workers in the Diocese of Broken Bay are subject to the following agreements: The IEU wants a coverage clause to ensure that all members are still covered by the agreement, even if they are transferred to common services. He actually said that most worked more hours for lower wages and conditions. While you`re with us, did you know that the Newcastle Herald offers news alerts, daily newsletters and more? Stay up-to-date on all local messages – sign up here. “We are disappointed that the IEU has blocked the negotiations and we really hope that they will resume immediately.” “It has become the Catholic enterprise and we are worried.” “They have seen their annual leave disappear, a reduction in personal leave, a reduction in the entitlement to long-term leave and the abolition of paid parental leave.” Mr.

Newman stated that about 30 IU members working in areas such as human resources, finance and information technology were classified as employed by the diocese in “common services” and not by the CSO, while much of their work was for the CSO. Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp said it was “certain that it is contrary to all Catholic teachings to treat [collaborators] in this appalling way.”

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