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Clause 24A) Of The Listing Agreement

April 8th, 2021

Note: Sub-clauses (F), (G) and (H) referred to in paragraph 1. 2) A publicly traded company: a company that has listed on one or more recognized exchanges the securities it has issued or the securities issued under schemes it manages in accordance with the listing agreement between the entity and the approved exchange or exchanges. (b) non-convertible bonds, non-convertible pre-defined shares, indeterminate debt, non-cumulative indeterminate preferred shares; (b) brief information on the reissue of forfeited shares or securities or the issuance of shares or securities held in reserve for the future issuance or creation of new shares or securities or other rights, privileges or benefits that may be subscribed; (a) any changes to the management of the company by death, resignation, removal or other means; The management report must now be submitted to the general meeting within 21 business days of approval and adoption by the shareholder. 5. In practice, the company secretary must verify and notify compliance with the SEBI rules. 4. The ASC report must be forwarded to the stock exchange (s) by the listed company within 60 days of the end of the financial year. 4. The board of directors of the listed company authorizes one or more major executives to determine the importance of an event or information and publicity. (c) any changes to the annual auditors responsible for auditing the company`s accounts.

3. The listed company establishes a policy of determining importance; 1. The Annual Compliance Report to the Secretariat applies to all listed companies. . All other titles that can be defined by the SEBI (Board of Directors). The (s) exchange (s) at least two business days in advance, with the exception of the date of privacy and the date of the meeting, a reference prior to the meeting of the Board of Directors, at which the proposal to report bonus securities, if this proposal is communicated to the board of directors of the publicly traded company as part of the agenda documents, indicates in advance. If the bonus statement is not on the agenda of the board meeting, a preliminary assessment should not be made to the Stock Exchange (s). (e) increase in capital by issuing bonus shares by capitalization, including the date on which these shares are credited/sent; The annual report contains not only audited financial statements, but also the audit account impact statement provided for by Regulation 33, paragraph 3, point (d). 6. The Annual Secretariat Compliance Report should be signed in practice by the company secretary who conducted the compliance audit/verification exercise or under the control of which the same report was conducted with his FCS/ACS number with the practice number issued by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

(b) any subsequent changes or cancellations or exercise of these options. . 12. SEBI Empty Bulletin NoCIR/CFD/CMD/CMD/56/2016 of May 27, 2016 defined the format of the audit qualification impact statement and abandoned the existing requirement to submit Form A or Form B for the audit report with unmodified or amended notice; 7. SEBI Vide Circular No. CIR/OIAE/001/2015 of 30 November 2015 defined the procedure for issuing a certificate no of objection for the release of 1% of the amount of the issue; Note: It seems that Javascript is disabled in your browser. To send a comment on this post, please write this code with your comment: 784e5ef3dd74509dbe235aae1e3be1a2 .

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