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Climb Iowa Visitor Agreement

September 14th, 2021

Ten years later, I am still one of their members and I weigh 55 pounds less than at the beginning (230 pounds at the time, 175 pounds now). I currently have a CWA (Climbing Wall Association) instructor certificate and enjoy volunteering as a juror for climbing competitions. The largest climbing and training center in Iowa with more than 10,000 square meters of climbing, 200 routes and problems, a gym and a yoga room. This is an impressive performance, because defining an exciting and achievable route for the beginner is a very different task from creating a route that challenges a strong and experienced climber. There`s still time to sign up for the Black Light Beta Bash this weekend in the East Village. If your children are 12 years of age or younger, they must be actively supervised by an adult. We have different youth class offerings, including teams and camps where our collaborators supervise climbers. Our professional collaborators are happy to help you take a first step into the world of climbing. You have experience working with people of all ages and skills. Come and try to climb today! Parents are advised to actively monitor their children, as a climbing gym carries certain risks. Any new visitor from the age of 13 must follow an orientation. During this orientation, we will inform you about the climb Iowa procedures.

Once the orientation is complete, you can participate in the types of climbing that match your skills. Below are our courses for beginners and beginners, which are equipped with free two-week memberships, including all loan equipment. This is the act of rope management for individual climbing. We offer a security course for people aged 13 and over. As long as you meet the weight requirements (25-310lbs), anyone can climb on the auto-belays, but you must be 13 years or older to hang on. There are only three days left for the winter membership! This special includes a 10-week subscription and an 80$US credit so you can start the year with cool new shoes or whatever you need. young people aged 13 and over can follow our own orientation. .

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