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Desmond O’Malley’s/ Metro 9

November 10th, 2006

I was thinking about how I haven’ been to Desmond O’Malley’s in about a year.  For some reason I always forget it’s even there. This morning I drove by and saw they were doing construction/renovation there and did a little investigating.
Looks like it will be unveiled sometime this month as the Metro 9 Steakhouse, still owned by Desmond O’Malley’s.
On their craigslist post, looking for wait staff, they describe themselves as an upscale steakhouse:

A fine dining experience awaits our patrons in an upscale, sophisticated setting located on Rte 9 in Framingham, MA. Metro 9 will serve affordable, high quality steaks, chops and fresh seafood ranging from $16 to $26. With our November 2006 opening, we are now seeking quality-minded individuals ready to provide the best dining experience in a professional manner to our customers.

Sounds interesting if the food and service is as good as it seems it should be.  Probably not a place I’d go to all the time but I’ll definitely check it out.


  1. We’ve eaten at Metro9 twice. Both times it was terrific! And, they take reservations. You can either eat in the bar area where there are several large TV’s and a lively atmsophere, or in the quiter dining rooms. The food has been great both times and the service is good, too. A nice addition to the Framingham restaurant scene.

    Comment by Laraine January 27, 2007 @ 4:55 pm

  2. I’ve been to Metro9 twice now.
    The first time, a couple weeks ago, I got a surf and turf special, with a lobster tail and filet mignon. The lobster tail was large… but it was really raw. I asked them to throw it back on the grill for another 2 minutes. They took it away, and brought back another lobster tail, very small, but cooked thoroughly. It came well after we had both finished our meals. The floor manager was going around to the different tables, asking how things were, so we gave pleasant but constructive criticism.

    We went again Tuesday night (2/6). I ordered the filet mignon, medium rare. It came medium well. It’s concerning when a steak house cannot cook a steak properly.

    The ambiance is nice, the service great… but I can’t give the food a nod. We won’t be going back there. Believe it or not, the sirloin steak at Bugaboo’s is better– always perfectly cooked and full of flavor.

    Comment by Perry February 8, 2007 @ 6:38 pm

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