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November 25th, 2006

I was curious what “Black Friday” would look like on route 9.  Since it was so nice out, Ethan and I walked up to the hill by Cabot House furniture (and Ginseng) to check it out.
It was pretty much what I expected, lots of slow moving traffic and red break lights, which is what you see above and the reason I try to avoid route 9 in general.

Then looking back down the other side of the hill, traffic was just as bad.  People were just waiting to be able to wait at the traffic lights:

Of course some jerk whizzed past 15 cars in the breakdown lane and then put on their blinker to cut everyone offmerge” when they realized the breakdown lane ended.  Real smooth.

I never even thought of walking to route 9 before but it’s not bad at all for a 20 minute walk on a nice day.   It’s good to know there is another option to get there besides driving, especially on days like today.

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