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Guarantee Agreement Bank

September 22nd, 2021

A bank guarantee is when a lender promises to cover a loss when a borrower is late with a loan. The guarantee allows a company to buy what it could not buy otherwise to support the growth of its activities and encourage entrepreneurial activity. If the customer does not pay the guaranteed amount, the bank assumes the loss on behalf of the customers. Subsequently, the bank will recover the money from the customer. The bank guarantee protects the company against probable losses. I am in India I have a contract with a party based in Japan. The Japanese party files a B.G. in favor of SBI, headquartered in India, and SBI, in turn, gives a counter-bank guarantee in my favor. Do I need credit limits at SBI to use their services? If so, will my credit limits be reduced until an SBI counterparty guarantee is issued? By bank guarantee, the bank insures the amount of the exposure to customers. Before issuing a bank guarantee to the applicant, the Bank collects the applicant`s information and attempts to confirm whether the applicant can pay the guaranteed amount within this period. The bank guarantee reduces counterparty risks. Normally, the financial institution is very sure about the applicant`s financial health. For a guarantee based on the results, the beneficiary can ask the bank for compensation for non-compliance with the obligation provided for in the contract.

If the counterparty does not provide the services as promised, the beneficiary will assert its losses resulting from the non-performance vis-à-vis the guarantor – the bank. The bank guarantee (BG) is becoming a very popular commercial instrument in today`s business. The BG is used for various purposes, for example.B. the seller of the goods wants the guarantee of his credit sales products and the customer wants the corresponding service of the contractors. If the buyer does not pay the amount due within a reasonable time or does not ignore the seller`s invitation, the seller may deposit BG. If the contractor does not operate in accordance with the agreement or the specifications, the customer may also make an act of BG. . .


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