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This Is Framingham
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400 Plus: Dinner

February 15th, 2007

I was going to wait longer between posts about the new 400 Plus (on Franklin St.) but I just really wanted to post about it and there’s not much else going on so here it is:

Anyone that has been to the old 400 Club can see that the interior has changed quite a bit. I kind of like the outdated red and black of the old place but since this is 2007 I can see why they wanted to update and they did a great job. chickens ivermectin per gallon
When we sat down we were given fresh focaccia bread that they make there, served with olive oil that was seasoned and had a clove of garlic in it.

We got a couple of appetizers, one being the antipasto which was a nice assortment of meats, cheese and marinated mushrooms, peppers, olives and pepperoncinis. ivermectina 6mg para cães posologia

We also got the fried mozzarella. They use fresh mozzarella and bread it by hand, it’s not the typical previously frozen sticks like some other places serve.

We also got a salad that comes with the house dressing:

Ethan got the baked scrod that he said was awesome, very fresh and flakey.

I got the eggplant parm, which I find hard to make bad anyway but like everything else, it was very good.

With these entrees came a choice of double mashed, roasted potatoes or pasta, we each got a potato. ivermectin safe for pregnancy
The double mashed are so good but you have to throw caloric caution to the wind as I can’t even guess how much butter and cheese are in them but they were REALLY good.

We split a massive hot chocolate at the end and left with several to-go boxes that supplied us with dinner for the next night all over again.

The service could not have been nicer and like I said in the pizza post, this place is so great to have in this part of town and especially that the food is fantastic. I love Italian food and I have to say this is some of the best I’ve had, people applauded when the chef came out to the dining room! Framingham is lucky to have such a place I think it will bring people back to this area and possibly rejuvenate the mostly vacant sad plaza.

Pizza Quest: 400 Plus

February 8th, 2007

The new “400 Plus” restaurant at 430 Franklin St.
is now open for business and we got a pizza from there tonight.

We both thought it was really good, it might not look like it from the picture but
it’s a pretty thin-doughed pizza with a light fluffy crust.  We thought the sauce was
well seasoned with just enough oregano and had a nice blend of cheeses.
This is one of those pizzas that is so good that a plain
cheese is great.  I will try it with toppings sometime since we’ll
be getting pizza from here again.

I’ll definitely do another review of the inside and some entrees but
just wanted to post about the pizza and let people know it’s open, especially
for those  of us in the area of “sad plaza” this is just what our
neighborhood needs : )

Nachos Italiano

April 21st, 2009

One of the nice things about working in a restaurant is the ample access to food.   I work at the 400 Plus Restaurant, and on the off hours we sometimes get creative and invent new dishes.
Today the owner and his son came up with something they call “Nachos Italiano”.  It’s fried wedges of flour tortillas, topped with meat-tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and diced cherry peppers.  This creation was so good they decided to make it a special appetizer that you can ask for.  I highly recommend it.

The 400 Plus is at 430 Franklin St.  Stop by and check them out!

Whole Foods

July 5th, 2008

Whole Foods is about an 18 min walk or 4 min drive and I like that it’s right across the street from Trader Joe’s.
In general, I like their mission and “whole food” and “green” concepts.  I got these great re-usable bags from there that I use for everything and getting 2 for $3 was definitely worth it for me.

My mom is a die-hard fan of Market Basket and I like to go there for produce (their fresh dates are fantastic) and to look at their beautiful donuts, but she gives me a hard time if I buy anything at WF and says things like “Oh, must be nice to buy your groceries at Whole Foods“.  Like I’m so fancy that I only buy my groceries there, but I don’t.  What I like about Whole Foods is that it’s a place nearby that I can go get some specialty items for a nice dinner or maybe some chocolate chips that don’t have high-fructose syrup, things that I don’t use every day.  Although I admit, it would be nice to buy all my groceries there and that’s where I was introduced to soy whipped cream which is so awesome I won’t go back to regular whipped cream.
But, I like to point out to my mom that I have found several items at Whole Foods that are the same price or actually cheaper there than at Market Basket and they weren’t even on sale.  
The only real problem I have with Whole Foods is that when I wanted some extra money, I tried several times to get a part-time job there and they wouldn’t hire me.  They have this online application that asks you all sorts of questions/statements that you can only answer yes or no (or agree/disagree) to like “You feel you deserve everything you have”. ?????? ??? ??   I answered all the questions honestly (as the way I tried to understand them) and they didn’t call.  I took a look around at the employees and  tried to figure out if they were exceptionally cheery or something but they’re not, some are, but some seems to be less enthusiastic to be there.  Just for kicks I filled out another application with an ultra cheery attitude, still nothing.  I saw they had an open house job night so I went and actually sat down with someone who, seemed to be about 10 years younger than me and didn’t seem interested in me from the start.  So I don’t know what the secret code is to work there. 
I ended up working my part-time job at the 400 Plus and there was a waitress there who mentioned that when she first moved here from Florida she worked at Whole Foods just to have something while she was looking for a job in her field and I remember saying “Oh my God, you did??  How did you answer the questions on the application??”  She laughed and said she really didn’t put much though into it and thought it was funny that I had such a hard time getting a job there. ????? ?????? ???????   So I don’t know what the deal was, but I still like shopping there.
Kind of ironic, just before I took this picture of the front of the store, I saw someone I kind of know through Town Meeting and he said “Oh hi, funny running into you here- Do you work here?”

Barbershop Quartet- Sort of

July 21st, 2007

Although the 400 Plus does not deliver, one of us will sometimes walk over a pizza to Maenzo’s barbershop since it’s in the same plaza.  Thursday night is band practice where Tony (the owner) and his guys set up their stuff and play all sorts of music, though it seems they concentrate on rock ‘n roll stuff. para que sirve ivermectina en gotas
The band doesn’t really have an official name and they don’t go on tour or anything but they have a great time getting together Thursday nights and they sounded great.  If I didn’t deliver a pizza there, I’d never guess this goes on in the quiet corner of the Franklin St. (sad) plaza.  Just something interesting I thought I’d point. ivermectina para perros ml
Also, the band is looking for back up singers, a keyboardist and a bass player so if you’re interested, head over to 444 Franklin St. give children ivermectin? or give Tony a call at the shop: 508-872-1778