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This Is Framingham
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Former Bickford’s going Mexican

September 28th, 2009

I was going by the old Bickford’s last week and noticed the “For Lease” sign was gone and some guys out in the parking lot with some sort of equipment, I forget if it was a table saw, but something like that.
I looked up the address to see if there were any work permits out for this location on the town website. Looks like this will be a Mexican restaurant called La Caretta.  Not sure if it will be related to the small La Caretta chain in New Hampshire but it’s something different and maybe a good (late) replacement for anyone missing Chi-Chi’s that used to be across the street. I’m glad to see it will be another restaurant anyway.

Goodbye Bickford’s

April 26th, 2009

Today we noticed that Bickford’s finally closed. I was never a fan but I know my Aunt and Uncle were so I’m “sad” for them. I actually thought it was okay when I was a student at FSC just for somewhere to go when it was open 24 hours a day but after it changed to Bickford’s Grille with limited hours it became useless as a culinary destination.
Of course I’m also sad for Framingham we’ve lost yet another business but hopefully something tasty will take over or at the very least won’t become another tax exempt operation.


June 17th, 2007

We haven’t been to Bickford’s in years and thought we’d try them for breakfast.  I wasn’t expecting a gourmet breakfast but thought it might be good to catch up on the local chain and see how it’s doing.
We started off with a fruit cup, which was pretty good.  The fruit actually seemed fresh, not sitting in syrup.

Ethan got strawberry pancakes and I got an apple and cinnamon waffle.  We both asked for real maple syrup which was brought in warmed individual serving bottles.

Ethan’s pancakes were bland with a mushy pile of thawed frozen strawberries.  My waffle was also bland with surprisingly tasteless apple wedges.  Maybe they boiled them or they’re canned, I don’t know what sucks the flavor out of an apple.  the waffle was slightly crisp on the outside but complete mush on the inside.  With enough maple syrup they were both ok though.

We shared a side of homes fries and sausage too. The home fries were moist and room temperature, like they had been microwave and sitting around.  I don’t remember anything about the sausage at this point, I think they were just ok.

Our waitress seemed ok as far as friendliness, maybe her section was too big, it was kind of busy and we didn’t see her again after the food was served until the end of the meal.  I don’t hold it against her for not coming over sooner though, I get the feeling not much could have been done anyway.  Maybe heat up the home fries but it’s most likely they’d just pop them in the microwave and it wasn’t worth flagging her down.

It wasn’t a non-edible meal but we won’t be rushing back for breakfast any time soon.  Although, for some reason I feel like they would have good burgers or something non-breakfast.  So maybe we’ll try them again after noon sometime.

Long story short: Stick with the fruit cup for breakfast.

La Caretta

December 2nd, 2010

La Caretta is finally open. It seems like it’s been years of slowly watching the transformation from Bickford’s to what it is now.
Inside got a lot of remodeling but still somehow still feels Bickfordy.
The host was nice and our server was friendly and promptly brought over fresh chips and salsa.

I really wanted some sangria so I ordered one and a pretty glass with fruit and berries arrived and the drink it self was really good.

I had a hard time deciding what to get off the menu but I chose a grilled vegetable quesadilla- not exciting I know but it was everything I was in the mood for- flour tortilla, vegetables, guacamole and cheese.

What I really liked about this was that the tortilla was perfectly grilled, it was crispy from the grill but still very soft.  Inside the cheese was perfectly gooey inside and filled with big chunks of vegetables.
My friend Jim got something form the combination section of the menu- #4.
Tacos with an enchilada and something else (I think).  Their website doesn’t have anything on it so I can’t refer to an online menu but Jim says the #4 combo is great.
Prices are decent.  Honestly, I forgot how much the meal was but I remember it being reasonable.
La Caretta is at 270 Cochituate Road.  Like I said, no website, but if you have any questions about anything like hours or prices or anything like that, their phone number is listed as (508) 424-2535.
Also, I’d like to add that they had something like 5 kinds of hot chocolate listed on the menu so I would go back to try a Mexican hot chocolate or one of the other varieties they have.