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This Is Framingham
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Halloween Outlet is coming!

August 25th, 2008

We were driving down Rt 9 this weekend and noticed the signs at this year’s location for the Halloween outlet at the old Saab dealership.
From the east-bound side:

I thought it was slightly interesting that they chose another Tudor style building like they did 2 years ago at the old Border’s Books building. I think they skipped a Framingham location last year, maybe because we got Halloween Express (which was awesome) but glad to see they’re back and interested to see what they do with the space inside.


August 11th, 2006

When I was a kid, this building used to be some kind of New England Telephone space, I’m not sure what they did in there but I remember there used to be a giant telephone in the bay window that I thought was Lily Tomlin’s phone.
I forget  what it was after that, but Borders bookstore was the last occupant and they got kicked out which stinks because they were the less obnoxious bookstore. Now we have to go to Barnes and Noble next to it, which I used to avoid.  Of course if I like it, it goes away (see post below)

I was driving down Rt. 9 yesterday and noticed an orange banner on the building for the Halloween Outlet. 
Most people probably don’t care about H.O. setting up shop here but Halloween is my most favorite all-time holiday.  Even though I can’t trick or treat anymore, I love carving jack-o-lanterns and giving treats to the witches and monsters that come to my door.
I was SO happy to finally see a cool business move into town, even if it is only seasonal.  When I saw the sign I actually gasped with excitement and thought “YEAH man!” Silly?  Maybe, but so are most of the retail inhabitants of Route 9 so I think I can be excited about a fun, small business moving in.

Welcome Halloween Outlet, I’ve been waiting for you! Mwahh-haa-haaa!