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This Is Framingham
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Lloyd’s is back (and other restaurant news)

March 13th, 2011

A few days ago I was going by the old Lloyd’s diner that had been taken over and oddly named “Tropical Cafe”.  I saw that it has been in fact changed back to -and what I feel like it should be – a diner!  I’m sure a lot of people will be happy to see that it’s even under old management too.  I always felt like the whole Tropical Cafe theme just didn’t fit the diner well.

Yesterday we had to drive down Rt 9, which I always can’t stand but that’s where DCU is and we were being productive getting errands done.  Anyway, as we drove by the former site of Brozetti’s I noticed there was a new sign up:

Something called Top Shelf that will be moving in.  They have the beginnings of a website with some information here:

Then we passed the old Pacific Buffet:

and saw this:

Far East Buffet, not much to say about that, I think we can all envision what this will be like but I’ll still probably check it out to see if there are any pleasant surprises.  I’m glad to see at least something is opening up in this location since it’s been vacant for so long. natural alternative to ivermectin for humans   It’s always interesting when something goes out of business and something similar moves in. ivermectin creme rosacea   Like how Sewfisticated Fabrics moved into the old Fabric Place, Zaftig’s replaced Joan and Ed’s and Summit Ski Snowboard moved into the old Ski Market space but I guess some places are meant to serve a certain purpose.  It’s also nice to see business investing in a Framingham location so I wish everyone luck!

Lloyd’s Diner- We did it!

September 24th, 2006

Yesterday we finally got up in time, thought of it and were around to go to Llyoyd’s Diner (on Fountain St.).  I haven’t been to Lloyds in almost 10 years but it was exactly the way I remembered it.
I forgot how tiny the booths are and how tight the space in the front is but in there are tables in back too if you like a little more space.  I always like sitting at the booths though and we were lucky there was one of the 4 booths were available so we took it.

A girl I used to wait tables with was working there, she wasn’t our waitress but came over to say hi and I asked her when she started working here and she said “oh about 16 years ago, my parents own this place” but before I could ask her anymore questions she had to go and then I didn’t get to talk to her again before we left.  Personally, it was interesting to see her working there because I’m used to being with her while serving cocktails at night so it was different to see her in the morning around breakfast food.

The menu is the usual breakfast diner fare.  Ethan got pancakes and sausage and I got eggbeaters with toast and home fries. beinoutq I’ve never ordered eggbeaters before, I’m not sure what made me order them but I like the texture of them. casino kuwait   (I forgot to take a picture until afte we started eating). ???? ????? ??? ????????

It’s great to have a little mom and pop place to go to (and it’s closeby!).  Like I said before, I just wish this place was open more hours but it’s a great place to go for breakfast.

What’s the deal?: Lloyd’s Diner

August 31st, 2006

A couple of people have written asking about Lloyd’s diner and the mysterious hours it is open, or mostly not open since there are no hours posted. I thought it opened at 6am (I used to go there when I was in college) but then I went by earlier this week and it was closed at 6:40am.  I tried calling that day to see if they opened after I went to work but no one answered.
I tried again just now and someone picked up, so I got the hours:

Monday  Closed
Tuesday  Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 6:00-11:00
Friday  6:00-11:00
Saturday  6:00-12:00
Sunday  6:00-12:00

They also said that in a few weeks they will be open on Wednesdays.
Apparently they are strictly breakfast since they close before lunch. Good for them that they can stay in business with such limited days/hours but I think having a diner with more availability would be good to have in the area, too bad. 
One of these days I will get back there and review.