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This Is Framingham
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Main St. Bridge is almost done (I think)!

October 28th, 2009

I was walking by the Main St. bridge project and noticed that the chain link fences are down and the support arched on either side of the bridge are in place.
Also it’s been paved and looks like it’s is almost in business.

Here’s what it looked like a year ago:

From my records, I think this project was started 2 1/2 years ago but I think that’s just when I first noticed it.  Anyway, it’ll be strange and nice to have it usable again.

Main St. bridge

May 29th, 2007

I forget when this bridge was closed but it’s been a while, like 10 years maybe or maybe it just seems like 10 years I’m trying to think when I last drove over this bridge if it was when I was at Framingham State or after I graduated- either way it’s been a long time.

I like this bridge and that Main St. is a nice way to get from Edgell Rd. the Ski Market plaza or just to get to Rt. 9.
They are working on it now, I’m assuming they will open it up to vehicle traffic when they’re done but even if they decide not to (stranger things have happened), it is nice to just walk on the bridge and look at the Sudbury River.   Sometimes I’ll walk to Trader Joes or Whole Foods and stop at the bridge and hang out for a few minutes.  There are so many trees and birds you can forget you are a stones throw from route 9. 

This construction extends to route 9, which I forgot even goes over the river, until the cones and medians went up last winter and the lanes have been altered/reduced in this area.

I don’t know how long this will take but I think it will be worth it.  I’m really looking forward to getting this bridge and street open again.

Slow Going

October 23rd, 2008

We walked down to the Main St. bridge the other day and saw some encouraging signs of activity.  There is a tent in the background that I’ve seen lit at night so it seems people are working on this into the evening. iver p ivermectina 6 mg precio
Here what we could see from the fence:

I’ve heard  it will just be a pedestrian bridge but it looks like they’re getting it ready for auto traffic too, we’ll see.   I wonder of the people who live at the base of the bridge on either side can’t wait for this to open or if they’ve enjoyed the quiet of no cars coming down their street.   This project has been taking years, I don’t even know how many,  to complete. ivermectin injectable goat does  It’s good to see some progress though.