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Indigenous Land Use Agreement South Australia

September 23rd, 2021

The retroactive validation of the registration decisions referred to in point 9 will ensure that the legal effects of the registration in accordance with Sections 24EA, 24EB and 24EBA of the NTA apply permanently to the ILUs concerned from the date of registration. (That is, the agreement is binding between the parties and holders of a non-partisan national title and previous acts, approved or validated by the ILUA, remain valid.) [18]. These agreements are the Wagyl Kaip and Southern Noongar ILUA, the Ballardong People ILUA, the South West Boojarah #2 ILUA and the Whadjuk People ILUA. Details of each agreement, including maps of the affected areas and the terms of the agreements themselves, are available at: DPC WA, South West Native Title Settlement: Settlement Publications, DPC WA Website. [55]. Section 24EA provides that, although the details of an agreement are entered in the ILU register, the agreement between the parties and all holders of non-partisan national securities shall take effect. Section 24EB validates future acts if there is, at the time of its implementation, an agreement on the register which concludes that the parties agree with the execution of the act. Section 24EBA contains a similar validation provision for previous future acts that have already been annulled if details are included in the register of an agreement containing a declaration that the parties validate the act. However, these provisions shall not apply where the registration of a surface agreement has been niged from the outset due to an error of jurisdiction. [49] (a) designate one or more of the persons who make up the national addressee of the application for registered title for the group to be a party or party to the agreement; (b) define a procedure for determining which of the persons who make up the candidate for a registered national title for the group must be a party or party to the agreement. Ultimately, a decision on how the persons who make up the RNTC should become parties to an ILUA in accordance with Section 24CD requires a political decision on the desired role of the RNTC in the agreement process and its relationship to the broader group of claims. It may be useful to discuss this underlying policy issue with relevant non-state and government stakeholders in the domestic securities sector and to consult them on the legal and practical implications of the approach proposed in points 1 and 5.

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