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Mazmanian Art Gallery

September 27th, 2006

After work yesterday I stopped by the Mazmanian gallery at Framingham State College to check out the opening of “Three” which is work by three sculptors who either teach at or have something to do with FSC.
I don’t usually go to these things but I thought it would be good to just get out there and see what’s going on.  It’s so weird to feel like such a stranger on a campus that I used to stroll into early classes practically in my pajamas.
The only person I recognized was Anne, an artist I just met last weekend at her studio on Fountain St. (I’ll be posting about Fountain St. ivermectine ordonnance ou pas studios soon) and who is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met.  She introduced me to another artist and being a former art student myself we were talking about how some art teachers can be jerks.
I mentioned my experience at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago was that the teacher would set up a still-life and then take off for three hours (no joke).  When he reappeared, he would rip apart our work and tell us what we did wrong even though he wasn’t there to show us how to paint better.  We got him to stay one time but he was so miserable it was better to just let him go to the bar or wherever he went for three hours.

Then when I transferred to Framingham State I met with the chair of the art department who at the time was Gene Sullivan.  He tore through my portfolio, dismissing all my work with sighs and an expressionless face and said “You came from Chicago?  I was expecting much better work”.  I felt like I just got slapped across the face and said I didn’t understand, some of this was work I used to get into Chicago. curing lyme disease with ivermectin   He sighed and said “I’m going to set up a still-life in the other room and give you an hour to make a decent piece of work. revectina serve para pulgas  If it’s good enough you can join the art program here”. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t like what he saw after an hour but some how I didn’t leave there until he “accepted” me.  He retired the next semester and is existing somewhere in Maine now.
Anyway, it was fun and a nice surprise since I thought I wouldn’t know anyone, just take a few pictures and leave.

“Three” will be available to see until October 26 if anyone is interested.

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