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Remodeled Bertucci’s

July 13th, 2008

Bertucci’s on route 9 has recently been renovated, we decided to use our gift card and check out the changes inside.
Walking in, the first thing I noticed was the bar area, as with the rest of the restaurant,  it has new colors on the walls and new light fixtures. I liked the earthtone colors they used.

The rest of the dining room seems a little more metropolitan/sophisticated than before, there are no items like baskets, old photos or bottles olive oil  on the wall anymore.  Instead there are more earthy colors and an accent wall in the back that has the same pattern as the awnings out front.

It is a bit darker in there than before but it’s not bad, it’s nice and the only drawback was that the pcitures cameout a little dark (I didnt want to use the flash) Here a comparison by the open kitchen


I got something called Chicken Anna Maria, which was really good and I ended up taking half of it home )which was great the next day too): Chicken, mushrooms, and tomatoes with a light cream sauce:

Ethan got grilled Salmon with broccoli and mashed potatoes which he said was simple but also good.

For drinks I got a glass of Sangria which was perfect to have on a hot summer night.  Ethan got a Limoncello martini, which was a little too strong/tart for me but Ethan enjoyed it.

Our server was very pleasant and timely, which is always nice.   My sister goes to Bertucci’s all the time and alway ssays how great the servers are so they must do something right in their training.

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  1. Those are the worst-looking meals you’ve ever photographed, Michelle, and that’s no reflection on you at all — it’s a bad reflection on Bertucci’s. I used to cook at a place in the Pioneer Valley and my conscientious bosses would have fired me if I served up anything that looked like what you and Ethan were given.

    I’ve seen prettier plates come out of an Army mess hall!

    I’ve seen prettier plates come out of a school cafeteria!

    I’ve seen prettier plates come out of a can of Alpo!!!

    Comment by Sarah O. July 19, 2008 @ 7:29 pm

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