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Surveillance Camera Agreement

October 10th, 2021

Acme Corporation uses only limited video surveillance systems on its corporate campus. Video surveillance systems are mainly used to identify access to building entrances and garage elevator lobbies. CCTV cameras are also used to monitor the exterior of the building and surrounding streets. All CCTV cameras can be recorded continuously by a digital video recording system. Recorded videos are used exclusively to investigate security incidents and not for any other purpose. To deal effectively with these problems, any organization using a video surveillance system should establish written guidelines on its purpose and use. These guidelines should be known to all members of the organization, so that expectations are realistic and there are no surprises after an incident. These written instructions give the manager of the video surveillance system instructions indicating precisely how each type of specific situation is to be managed. Unionized companies face additional complications. The National Labor Relations Board has decided that video surveillance of part of the workplace is a condition of employment that normally requires collective bargaining and that the union accepts before it is implemented.

There is an exception where the use of surveillance cameras has been mentioned and cancelled in the rights of use clause or in any other provision of the collective agreement. Even under these conditions, the communication and support of the union representative will greatly contribute to the implementation of such a program. The video surveillance system is not designed to track the work habits or productivity of individual employees. Below is an example of a video surveillance guideline for a medium-sized company. This directive aims to generate ideas that can be used in the development of your own guidelines. It is not intended to be used as a template or without modification. * Enable Remote Viewing on your existing PC * Update your existing black and white cameras with high-resolution color cameras * Add cameras to meet your growing business * Prepare your VCR for a digital VCR * Update your analog system to a hybrid HD system While the basis of data protection varies by jurisdiction, the courts, which have considered the matter, have generally conducted a factual analysis. They shall lay the appropriate expectation of the worker`s expectation of privacy and whether the employer has a legitimate business interest in carrying out the surveillance. The fact that the adequacy of employees` privacy expectations generally plays an important role in a court`s analysis provides additional support for the disclosure of surveillance activities. By informing employees that their communications are not secure or that their activities are being monitored, the employer can reduce employees` expectations of data protection and, in turn, strengthen the employer`s defense in court, while reducing the impact on employee morale. . .


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