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Tordesillas Agreement

October 11th, 2021

In the beginning, the dividing line is not the Earth. Instead, Spain and Portugal were able to conquer all the new countries they were the first to discover, Spain to the west and Portugal to the east, even as they passed in front of the other side of the globe. [25] But Portugal`s discovery of the much-loved Moluccas in 1512 led Spain to argue in 1518 that the Treaty of Tordesillas divided the Earth into two identical hemispheres. After the surviving ships of Magellan`s fleet visited the Moluccas in 1521, Spain claimed that these islands were within its western hemisphere. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, the treaty between Spain and Portugal was concluded in Vitoria; February 19, 1524 and called the Badajoz junta to the meeting in 1524, during which the two countries tried to reach an agreement on the Anti-Mediterranean, but failed. [26] They finally agreed, in a contract signed in Zaragoza, that Spain would give up its rights to the Moluccas after the payment of 350,000 gold ducats [note 3] to Spain. To prevent Spain from entering the Portuguese Moluccas, anti-Median 297 must be 1/43 2 leagues or 17° east of the Moluccas and pass through the islands of Las Velas and Santo Thome. [30] This distance is slightly smaller than the 300 leagues magellan designated as the western route from los Ladrones to the Philippine island of Samar, located west of Due, north of the Moluccas. [31] John II of Portugal then asked the Catholic monarchs to negotiate directly the border of their Atlantic territories. The discussions culminated in the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas on 7 June 1494. The aim of the agreement was to resolve the “controversy over which part of each of the two parts of space to be discovered”.

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