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This Is Framingham
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Village Hall Model Hiring Agreement

April 14th, 2021

The tenant must familiarize themselves with emergency exits, fire alarms and fire extinguishers and appoint the right stewards who will be mandated to act in the event of an emergency. Vehicles are parked at the owner`s risk and can only be parked in marked squares. The place on the side of the hall is reserved for the use of intervention vehicles, but can be used temporarily for unloading. Purpose and duration of tenancy The tenant cannot use the premises for uses other than those agreed at the time of booking the hall, unless prior agreement with the booking secretary. The reserved rental time must be strictly respected. Water fires, water heaters and faucets are turned off and the hall is properly closed. The Hirer is responsible for the disposal of all waste from premises and curbs. The tenant is responsible for placing the keys in the mailbox at the outside door immediately after the booking period. The booking contract covers the part (e) of the premises listed on the booking form Experience has shown that there may be problems with the simultaneous organization of a “big event” in each hall, and therefore, if a hall is booked for a “big event”, the booking management may refuse a second booking, especially if it can be described as a “big event”. 2.6 Subject/Parameter Description: This lens is shown on the booking form. The village house reserves the right: cancel by written notification to the tenant, in the event of a national emergency or force majeure, a similar situation requiring the closure of the premises, or the premises necessary to be used as a polling station for a parliamentary or municipal vote or for a second round or a referendum, or if the village house does so reasonably: the tenant must comply with all relevant rules regarding food, health and hygiene when preparing, serving or selling food. If a hirer is a regular weekly user, the village room reserves the right to cancel certain reservations or part of these bookings in favour of one-off bookings.

These cancellations must not take place more than once a month and there is a delay of at least six weeks to receive. (1) Byfield Village Hall Management Committee, called ALS BVHMC (2) The person or organization that rents the lobby as on the tenant`s booking form is responsible during the rental period: – March 22, 2020 fee page conditions that is now included in these Terms and Conditions (Reservations that may be refused, Cancellation, Payment Policy, A installment). Plus the cancellation modified by the lobby to include the higher force. The tenant is responsible for ensuring that any catering company or operator responsible for the provision of equipment such as bouncy castles has appropriate and appropriate insurance, including liability insurance. Licenses and Law The tenant ensures that nothing is done with the limits of the room in violation of the law on gambling, betting and lotteries.

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