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Walmart Rental Agreement Forms

October 13th, 2021

**Please note that the Walmart Emergency Operations Center phone number in your rental agreement may have been incorrect. The correct number to notify Walmart of an alleged or actual loss of customers` personal data or a breach or compromise of the tenant`s information security program is (479) 273-4516. You can find more information in the owners` and tenants` manual. A lease is simply an agreement between you and your tenants, which covers the conditions that you allow someone to rent your property. A lease can be written or oral, but an oral lease can be very difficult to enforce. Most rental agreements are fairly standard and cover essential elements such as the amount of rent, the duration of the rental, the liability of each party and penalties for non-compliance with the conditions. A landlord can start with a standard lease and adapt it to special needs. Off Campus Network has a sample rental form to help you get started. If you have any questions about signage or advertising, please see the link under Advertising and Rental Line Guide Thank you for your interest in renting space at our Walmart stores. Below is the first process to learn about renting space:1. Find the store and space you want to rent on this Feature 2 card. Read the Landlord and Tenant Manual to ensure that your business model meets general operating requirements3.

Fill out the Business Summary Form for New Tenants If you decide to write your own lease, be sure to include a clause that says the rest of the lease is still in effect if a condition is not legal. That way, if you add something that isn`t right, you can still have a valid lease. Once you`ve completed your lease to your satisfaction, it`s best to have your document reviewed by a lawyer to make sure you haven`t included any illegal or unenforceable terms. For all MAINTENANCE REQUESTS, please click on THIS LINK For instructions on how to enter a maintenance request, please click here….

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