This Is Framingham

This Is Framingham
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End of the Universe

November 13th, 2009

Game Universe on route 9 closed recently.  I didn’t go there much, but I did find it very useful to have a place in town where I could buy old game cartridges for my Atari 2600. neteller  
I also liked that there was a place in town that brought together the gaming community in a similar way of how arcades did back in the day (like when Fun and Games was fun).

Their MySpace page doesn’t mention why they closed or if they have any plans of opening anywhere else.   It seems like they had a lot of fans so I’m sure they will be missed.

RMV Closing(!)

July 8th, 2009

So according to the MWDN the RMV in Framingham is closing, which I think is terrible.  I just had surprisingly decent experiencethere in May and was grateful to the convenience of having this close by.  So this adds to the exodus of services that I used and were in walking distance of my house that were functioning when we first moved here only 5 years ago:  Friendly’s, Farmer’s Exchange, Fabric Place, White’s Hardware. ?????? ???????  I never would have thought any of those places would be going anywhere considering how long they had been at their locations. ???????    I don’t know if the building will be vacant because the article says they will still conduct driving tests in Framingham, I’m just not sure if it will be at this location. ????? ??????
Chalk up another bad move for Framingham 🙁
We need Wings Over Framingham to open and have something good to write about!!

Goodbye Bickford’s

April 26th, 2009

Today we noticed that Bickford’s finally closed. I was never a fan but I know my Aunt and Uncle were so I’m “sad” for them. I actually thought it was okay when I was a student at FSC just for somewhere to go when it was open 24 hours a day but after it changed to Bickford’s Grille with limited hours it became useless as a culinary destination.
Of course I’m also sad for Framingham we’ve lost yet another business but hopefully something tasty will take over or at the very least won’t become another tax exempt operation.

Another one bites the dust…(kind of)

March 20th, 2009

I was walking by the Franklin St. Plaza, which I call “Sad Plaza” because of it’s occupied to vacant store fronts (not to mention lack of building maintenance in general) , and saw that O’Brien’s package store was closed and had a sign saying it was moving next door to where “Giant Gifts” used to be.  So it’s not so bad for people who like having a package store in the area since it’s just the next building over, but it does add yet another vacancy in this particular plaza.  As of now, there is just the Dunkin Donuts, St. Paul de Vincent thrift store, Maenzo’s Barber shop, and the time-warp laundromat that people say the machines eat up their coins.
I REALLY wish this plaza would liven up but even when the economy was good, I have heard the landlord of the plaza is rather difficult to deal with and likes having a “losing” property.

Civic League moving out

December 17th, 2008

I have to say I am pretty sick of things leaving downtown.  It started with Ebenezer’s going out and has been on a downward spiral since then: Daisy’s consignment shop, the one Thai restaurant in town, Friendly’s, the Farmer’s Exchange and of course Fabric Place.  Now the Civic League is going to close at the end of the month. ??? ???? ???? ???
Believe me, I want to be optimistic about downtown because I own a home here but sometimes it’s hard when the things you lake are dropping like flies.  It was so great to have a place nearby that would have everything from artist lectures to Japanese-Mexican wrestling.
The one good thing is that is will not become the the 30-somethingth church (I’m not joking, look in the yellow pages)  in downtown, but will become part of Mass Bay Community College’s facilities and I think they will do a decent job at up-keeping and usefully occupying the space. ?????? ??? ??? ?????
The Civic League will continue to exist as an organization, just not in this space. www 888casino com

No More Store 24

December 5th, 2008

Not too interesting but I did notice that Store 24, which had been there for many years, is now Tedeschi Food Shop.  It’s not a big deal since it’s still the same type of store and will get the same type of mentions in the police beat, but just thought I’d point it out that Store 24 is no longer with us.

No! They got Green Tea II too!

October 8th, 2008

I don’t know why Green Tea closed, maybe like some recent restaurant closings it was because of the economy.  We always liked the food here and the scallops with coriander was our favorite dish.
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