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This Is Framingham
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Shoppers World redesign? Have your say next week.

November 28th, 2012

I just spoke with someone from the GlobeWest today about the Metropolitan Area Planning Council‘s project to help redesign Route 9 to accommodate the foreseen growth in the next few years.  One of the areas they will focus on is the “Golden Triangle” and even Shoppers World layout. combination of albendazole and ivermectin  The plan is to have the parking on the perimeter while the stores and a common area are in the center. ivermectin for toenail fungus  Sound familiar?  Good idea!
The MAPC is looking for feedback next week at the Callahan Center from 7-9pm there will be a meeting welcoming people to voice their opinions. You can read more about the meeting here in the article by the MWDN and by checking out the MAPC’s website. There will also be an article in the GlobeWest next week about this as well.
I kind of don’t care since I’m leaving Framingham but since I may stay in the area it’d be nice to see favorable changes to route 9 and Shoppers World since I currently avoid them. ivermectina receita

Trolley Square action

September 20th, 2012

I haven’t been posting much because of my like/hate relationship with Framingham. We’re actually in the process of (as my friend refers to) a divorce from the ‘ham.  In the meantime we’ll still be here for a few months and when I feel like it I’ll post.
For all the “haters” that tell me to get a life, I just want to point out you could look in the mirror and say the same thing- writing a mean-spirited email to someone you don’t know because they don’t post what you want on their personal blog?  One order of life, comin’ up!
Anyway, my friend and I went to check out Sweet Spot Frozen Yogurt in the Trolley Square plaza (855 Worcester Rd).  The town of course, as is does with so many small businesses, made it go through tremendous red tape and they had to keep continually postponing their open date from May to September.  Pretty nice for a FroYo place to miss out on the whole summer huh?  I’m saying this as someone who has spoken to many small business in town and listened to all the hard time the town gives them.  Some people I spoke with have had businesses in other towns and they say Framingham is the hardest to have a small business in.  It seems to be THE place for storefront churches though.  Sorry, see this is why I haven’t felt like writing.
On to good things like frozen yogurt 🙂
The set up is the latest trend of do-it-yourself.  You get a cup, serve yourself as much as you want of whatever flavors are available (they change daily) and choose from a variety of toppings from fruit to cheesecake to candy.


Here are our finished products.  I got a chocolate and red velvet and my friend got blueberry-acai and cakebatter.
I was pretty impressed with the red velvet. As a baker, I’ve tasted a lot of red velvet batter and this froyo realy tasted like it.  There is a great variety of toppings and sauces.  They charge $0.45 per ounce once you have everything you want in your cup.  Not a bad deal considering you get to put exactly what you want in there.

Also interesting was that for the first time I saw the parking patrol working in the parking lot.  I used to come here daily and would often see 3 or 4 cars at a time parked in the fire lane.  Today there was just one car but it actually got a ticket.
I know the parking stinks in this plaza but as many times as I’ve wanted to, I never parked in the fire lane because it can make it hard for people to back out of their spots.  Most people don’t care though and I know I’ll sound like a square but it was mildly refreshing to see this.

Next post will probably be my debacle with Sullivan Tire..


July 18th, 2012

I noticed the old and long time-vacant Desmond O’Mally’s/Metro 9/Big Papi’s is finally getting demolished.  I have no idea what will be replacing it, I only found a permit from the town for demolition and nothing else, but I think it’s a good idea to just level the building and start over. treating heartworm with ivermectin

Getting direction

February 9th, 2012

I’ve posted about this before but for anyone who gets hopeless about downtown (I’m guessing similar to how the officer in the above photo feels) there is a fine group of people who are part of the Framingham Downtown Renaissance group that have put together a new website you can check out at
You can see their vision plan and documents, studies what upcoming plans and collaborations like the Farm Pond Initiative with FSU and participating the the Main Streets program, which focuses on revitalizing dowtnown areas.
It’s worth checking out and meetings are open to the public for those interested and can attend.
So although progress is slow, people (smart people) are working on making downtown a desirable place to go to.   I’ll be attending next month’s meeting and hopefully have something interesting to report. ????? ???? ???? ?????

Carrie Anne’s

April 24th, 2011

I haven’t posted since April 1st?  This month has flown by,  jeez!
I get emails now and then about the apparently very missed KFC on 135 which closed maybe a year ago now.  I never went there and don’t miss it but people sometimes ask me what’s going in there so I’m happy to have a report.  As I was running by the location by last Monday I saw this sign for “Carrie Anne’s”.    I’m pretty sure I was the only one of the 27,000+ running by here thinking “Hey! I’ll have to blog about that!”.  I just got around to it today and  I tried googling them but just got a facebook result.  On their info page they describe themselves as “Homestyle breakfast, drive through and more”.  There are photos of the extensive work being done for remodeling and what looks like some practice runs of baking (the donuts look awesome) and they look like a happy crew looking forward to opening up shop there.  I wish them the best and can’t wait to try it out.  They certainly have been putting in the hours to make this happen.  Search for them on FB if you’d like to check out their photos.

Ski Market Plaza changes

November 30th, 2010

I was driving by the old Ski Market on Route 9 as lots of people do everyday and haven’t looked up permits but I’ll go out on a limb and guess there will be a Dunkin’ Donuts moving in.  I think it would be an odd place considering Panache Coffee is also in that same plaza, but I guess DD knows no competition with their loyal following.  I’d be more excited if their coffee was consistent from store to store but it’s not what it used to be. ???? ????
Or who knows, maybe the driver of that truck just happened to stop for a cup of coffee at Panche? ???? ??????

Downtown stuff

October 31st, 2010

Today we walked around downtown and checked out the new fabric store where Fabric Place used to be.
It was nice to see it being occupied and although they don’t use as much space as the old store, there are still plenty of fabrics, notions, books and other sewing supplies.

Their website is up and running if you want check it out.
We also saw that the old Fabric Place workshops on Concord St. can humans take horse ivermectin orally (first couple of shops north of the train tracks) are now occupied. durvet ivermectin pour on for cattle 5 mg per dose rate One is a place called Aaron’s, which is an appliance rental type place (picture didn’t come out) and the space next to it is called Partners Balloon Design. ivermectina líquida

I peeked in the window and saw they have a nice space with lots of balloons and party displays

Also we noticed that the Russian store Skaska is now a beer/liquor/convenience store:

We also saw a note on Rent-A-Center’s door:

At first I thought it must be for Halloween but then thought maybe they have that sign up year-round.
Anyway, Happy Halloween!

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