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Metro 9

May 20th, 2007

It was Ethan’s birthday so we decided to go somewhere for a nice steak and figured we’d try Metro 9 (30 Worcester Rd.)
I had made reservations and we were seated within a minute or two after checking in at the host stand.
The inside is pretty nice, the lighting is kind of dim but not so much you can’t read the menu.  The bar area looked fun, there were lots of people there and it had a nice layout that wasn’t too crowded looking even though it was full.

The dining room is visually relaxing although the acoustics somehow make it very chatty and it was a little loud at some points but in general it’s a very pleasant dining room.
Our server was professional and friendly.  She explained the menu thoroughly and told us the specials of the night. Everything sounded delicious but we were set on steak so that’s what we got.
We got a couple of martinis, I got an espresso and Ethan pomegranate.

We started off with the chopped salad which was just the right size to split since we knew we were going to indulge at dinner.

For dinner we both got filets, Ethan got a lobster tail and we split some side dishes (which are all a la carte) like broccoli and their lobster macaroni and cheese.  I know this isn’t the best picture but after the first few, I was kind of eager to not take flash pictures of the table.

The broccoli was good, no surprises or disappointments there, although the lobster mac & cheese was oddly off somehow.  It could have been the combination of cheeses or maybe lobster with cheese isn’t so great, I don’t know but it was just ok. I got a side of sauteed spinach that was a little too peppery but that was made up for by the incredible steaks.  They were fantastic and definitely worth the $23.50, which almost doesn’t seem like that much for a such a steak.  Our server brought out different sea salts to try with the steak and it was interesting to try them out.
There was a black salt that was smokey flavored, a red Hawaiian salt and a French white salt that we were told was the most expensive salt in the world (?).  They all added something different to the steak but I did like the French salt the best.

We got a couple of glasses of wine and I have to say I’m just plain confused when the wine list has more than 5 or 6 brands of wine.  I recognized some but I really don’t know that many names so I randomly picked one of the 10 cabernets they offer by the glass.  I’m sure a wine connoisseur would enjoy their list and peeking at their wine room though.

I’d say Metro 9 is great for a nice dinner out (in Framingham).  It was relaxing, we didn’t feel rushed at all and the steak was excellent. I wonder if Ken’s minds this place being right down the street but they are both great in their own ways so I think route 9 has room for two steakhouses.


  1. For every good review, I hear of a bad experiance. I went for my first time 2 months ago and while the food was good, the service (more specifacally the kitchen timing) was aweful. The side dishes came cold and entres warm. There was a big time lag between ordering and the appitizers. We barely finished the salads and the meail came out. By the time we left our entire meal and drinks were comped and we (went with another couple) got a $25 gift cert to try it again.

    Mgmt was sympathetic to our experiance which shows they care. Overall, I would rather eat at Coach Grill in Wayland.

    Comment by Rich May 20, 2007 @ 4:21 pm

  2. Globe West review:

    Comment by Rich May 21, 2007 @ 12:16 am

  3. We tried this restaurant for the first time back in February for my brother’s birthday. I thought the atomosphere was very classy and the service was outstanding.

    I ordered the the Chicken Oscar (pan-seared chicken, sauteed lobster, crab, shrimp, Red Bliss potatoes, asparagus, lemon tarragon sauce). It was okay but not worth the $19. The chicken was a little on the dry side but there were two very large shrimp that were very tasty. There was no lobster but there were plenty of crab shells. The sauce was outstanding.

    Also ordered was the Braised Beef Short Rib (1 lb. rib, red wine, mirepoix, garlic mashed potatoes, natural pan reduction sauce). The ribs were incredibly moist and well cooked. The meat was tender and fell of the bone. The sauce was very good. The potatoes fell short and were a gloppy mess.

    While the restaurant seemed trendy and somewhat popular, I think it was a bit overpriced.

    Comment by Susie May 21, 2007 @ 5:22 pm

  4. My wife and I went there a few weeks ago. It was good, but not great, for the money. Her steak (a petite filet) was hot and very flavorful and tender, mine (prime rib) was not so hot, pretty flavorful and very fatty and chewy. The sides were nice, the service fairly stiff. The pair of couples at the table next to us had a big to do with their waitress because both guys ordered the same cut and got two totally different looking steaks. The manager came over and made things right by them.

    All in all, I suspect that they are still working out some bugs in their system.

    Comment by Charlie May 23, 2007 @ 11:42 pm

  5. Went tonight; sat at the bar. The bartender came in from outside through the front door and did not wash his hands upon entering the bar. He put ice in my glass by scooping it with the glass instead of using an ice scoop. He put the lime in my glass with his bare hand. All of these are violations of the food code. I was grossed out. Later at dinner, the waiter ignored us for a long time. When I waved him down,he said it looked like we were talking. But we were hungry!! The food was good, but to me the server and bartender need a lot of training for the high cost of the that cost, service should be professional and flawless.

    Comment by bethgrd July 2, 2007 @ 12:02 am

  6. I like a good steak house and I thought I would try this one out. I knew I was in trouble when they had someone open the door at the entrance. The feeling of hunger in my stomach was replaced by one of a kind of even deeper, miserably empty feeling like when you experiance when you get your property tax bill.

    It’s not a little on the expensive side, it was a lot on the expensive side. I guess this is where your lawyer treats* you when he’s defending you in a million dollar lawsuit. It was easy to spend $50.00+ on just a small steak and some beer and I only had one beer!

    I remember when the place was Owen O’Leary’s (or was it a Desmond O’Mally’s?) and you could sit down for some drinks and somewhat decent food. (Or was it a Desmond O’Leary’s?)

    I was sitting where they used to have special functions like political fundraisers for aspiring local candidates (Nick Sanchez for instance!) The have tables there and it’s a little cramped sitting there. I would have just as comfortable sitting at Nobscots dining room eating and drinking too much. My server was OK but for what the mashed potatoes cost I was wondering if they were mashed in Ireland and then flown over here by jet.

    Wildwood Steak House in Marlboro (before the renovation) was better than this and a little less expensive. I have not been to Ken’s for a long time so I have no idea what that is like. Also, why does beef at the supoermarket cost so much?

    So I guess if you have to take a cooperate big shot out or some semi important Pol like Deval Patrick, it’s the place to go. Better yet, get someone with an expense account to treat you! It’s the only way to travel!

    *See legal fees and expenses once your found guilty (or innocent.) And don’t complain about why a divorce costs so much!

    Comment by Mister Chandu September 14, 2007 @ 9:55 pm

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