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This Is Framingham
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Sullivan Tire

July 11th, 2006

it's a-nice!
I used to cringe when I had to get my oil changed.  It seems like it should be simple but it never is, they always end up telling you (especially if you’re a girl) something is way wrong with the radiator or the PVC valve or the flux capacitor
I used to go to Valvoline quick change until they really started slacking on the service. One of many examples:  I asked them to check the air pressure in the tires (even though they’re supposed to do that anyway) and the guy went to each of my tires with the air hose and just did a two second “tssst” on each tire.  I was thinking  “There’s no way he could unscrew the cap, look at the pressure and properly fill it that fast” but I was hopeful that maybe I was just so unskilled at pressure checking that it takes me 3 times longer than this guy. I get home and sure enough I’m riding on 24 pounds per tire. The guy FAKED checking my tires!
Anyway, when I moved to Framingham I got the little packet of coupons and there was one for a free oil change at Sullivan Tire, right down the street. maximum doseage of ivermectin for a dog   Nice, but I don’t usually like using coupons because then the people behind the counter typically sigh and act like they can’t believe you’re using the coupon and you feel like a cheap jerk. ivermectin drops for cat ears   But that didn’t happen this time!  I was pleasantly surprised the guy behind the counter almost seemed happy I brought in the coupon.  When they told me my car was ready they didn’t tell me anything was wrong with my car and told me to have a good day.  I hate to say it but, I was so suspicious that I waited for the old busted hose or something going awry a few days later but it never happened. how safe is ivermectin use o in dogs  Now I bring my car there for all my oil changes and they’re always nice. 

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