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This Is Framingham
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Awesomeness coming to Route 9

February 2nd, 2008

This morning I was on Rt. 9 going by the old Shogun 9 that is now PC Healthstop (holding their seemingly endless grand opening) when all off the sudden I heard angels sing.  I stopped and upon closer inspection saw….THIS:

I couldn’t believe it.  Such a beautiful sight!
It was only last summer that Ethan and I got to know the awesomeness of Bronzetti’s pizza, over by the Temple St. part of Rt. 9, but sadly our new favorite treat silently disappeared in July. ???? ??????   The bar changed it’s name to something generic and, as others have commented, so did the pizza.  Oh Bronzetti’s, we hardly knew ye! babylon bet  

But now I can look forward to the day I will hold a slice of heaven to my lips once again!  Don’t let the messy looks fool you, with it’s light but chewy crust (and just enough crunch!) and melty goodness all over, this is pizza of the Gods. I normally avoid Rt. 9 but I will try to keep track of this progress and report when I find it up and running.  Maybe they can take over the “Grand Opening” sign from PC Healthstop to let us know. ??? ???? ?????? 2024

Papa Gino’s

July 2nd, 2007

I used to love Papa Gino’s as a kid then sometime in my early 20’s I became a bit of a food snob and refused to go there.  I remember reluctantly going to Papa Gino’s when Ethan suggested it when we first started dating, I’d roll my eyes and say “if you REALLY want to” but after the first few times I realized that I DO like Papa Gino’s.  There is something comfortably consistent about the pizza and the whole operation.
The smells, checkered tables and sounds of order numbers called through the microphone are reliably part of the whole Papa Gino’s experience.

This trip we went to the Papa’s on route 30 at the “food mall”. ????? ???? ?????   This is where my uncle had his 60th birthday party, they let him make his own pizza and everything : )
We just got a couple of slices of cheese pizza.  As we waited for our number to be called, I thought it might be fun to get a job here just to call numbers really close into the microphone so it’s all fuzzy like “Number FVZE FOOVM” but I think the humor in that would wear off fast, and I’d be a jerk but I wonder if it’s fun to make the pizza especially since little (and big) kids get to watch through the window.  That used to be one of my favorite things about Papa Gino’s as a kid was watching the pizzaguy throw the dough in air and make the pizzas.

Our slices were decent sized and mine flopped down when I picked it up and the sun penetrated right through it like it was paper but it had that reliable familiar taste I become re-acquainted with (after Ethan got me back on track). casinocom   I’d also like to note that I think root beer best compliments their pizza.

The only thing I think they could improve on is bringing the tableside jukeboxes back.  Papa Gino’s isn’t the best pizza but that’s okay.  I give it a thumbs up for consistency and nostalgia.
I’m sorry Papa for ever doubting you! spinpalace


June 13th, 2007

I have heard good things about Bronzetti’s pizza.  I was told they bought the recipe from the Union House and make those pizza’s there and that they’re excellent, so of course we had to try it.

Bronzetti’s is not a place I would normally think of going to, it’s kind of the unofficial restaurant of the Econo Lodge which it seems to be attached to.
Inside is a no frills sports bar, but I really like the lacquered wood bar that includes the tree bark all around the perimeter.  There are pool tables and “4-top” tables with castered chairs to sit and eat at .  I also liked the wood paneled walls and that the place is entirely lit by hanging glass lamps.
(bad cell phone pic of inside)

We got the pizza home and wasn’t sure what to think at first because it was messy looking but it was delicious. 

The dough is crunchy on the edges but just chewy enough everywhere else.  It’s almost like there’s butter in the dough, the sauce and cheese were great too, all together it’s a great pizza! casino 888 login
Ethan was so impressed with the pizza he suggested getting it again the next night, so we did. ???  
A definite “yay” for the pizzaquest!

Coming soon..

May 7th, 2007

Or it could be open by now, but last week I was going by the old “Ryan’s Pizza” and saw a new sign up for “Superior Pie”.  I was thinking it could just be the same owners opening under a different name but they have a website and there are pictures of the food on there that don’t look like Ryan’s pizza.  They also have their full menu online and will have a function on there to be able to place orders online too. ????? ???? ????   Their about page is nice to read too, sounds like this place will be worth trying!

Pizza Quest: Ryan’s Pizza

March 28th, 2007

Ryan’s Pizza 795 Concord St.

A picture says a thousand words so I’ll let the picture do the talking:

Pizza Quest: 400 Plus

February 8th, 2007

The new “400 Plus” restaurant at 430 Franklin St.
is now open for business and we got a pizza from there tonight.

We both thought it was really good, it might not look like it from the picture but
it’s a pretty thin-doughed pizza with a light fluffy crust.  We thought the sauce was
well seasoned with just enough oregano and had a nice blend of cheeses.
This is one of those pizzas that is so good that a plain
cheese is great.  I will try it with toppings sometime since we’ll
be getting pizza from here again.

I’ll definitely do another review of the inside and some entrees but
just wanted to post about the pizza and let people know it’s open, especially
for those  of us in the area of “sad plaza” this is just what our
neighborhood needs : )

Pizza Quest: Whole Foods

January 24th, 2007

Last night I decided to see if Whole Food’s new (well a few months old now) house pizza was any good.

They sell it by the pound or by the whole pie but I wanted to bring home a little tasting so I got a few different pieces. birds ivermectin

I got prosciutto and fig, buffalo chicken, pepperoni and plain cheese.

The prosciutto and fig was interesting, it was sweet from the figs and salty from the prosciutto.

Ethan thought the buffalo chicken would have been better with white meat and I would agree that it was a little disapointing that they used dark meat for that.

The pepperoni had plenty of large circles that covered the slice and tasted like what a pepperoni should taste like. durvet ivermectin pour on dewormer 250ml in aurora colorado

The Cheese was probably the best next to the prosciutto and fig. Simple but satisfying.

The people working there are very friendly and happy to explain how buying pound vs pie works and that on the weekends after 5 you can buy one pie and get a second for half off. 
They heat it up for you if you want and will cut from the middle if you don’t want a lot of crust.

Final thought:  Not bad, the crust was nice and crunchy, which I like. ivermectin reviews for dogs   The dough for this style of pizza might have complimented it more if it were thinner but it’s pretty good.  It probably won’t be the first place I think of to get pizza but maybe as a treat for the prosciutto once in a while.

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