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This Is Framingham
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Eggcetera, Etc…

November 13th, 2011

This morning Ethan and I went to check out Eggcetera, Etc.. (665 Cochituate Road)
It’s a new place that offers a create-your-own meal that you can eat there or take-out.
They offer omelets, pancakes, french toast, pasta and stirfry options.
Basically, you choose your ingredients for what you want in the options mentioned above. how to make ivermectin tablets

Then you bring it over to the cooking station where your ingredients are prepared to create your meal. ivermectin online purchase south africa

I got an omelet with vegetables, bacon and two kinds of cheese and chose sweet potato homefries and multi-grain roll:

Ethan got pancakes with strawberries (which the cook asked if he’d like the berries on top or inside) and regular homefries:

We enjoyed our breakfasts, everything tasted great and the owner and staff are very friendly and happy to explain the procedure and answer any questions.
It’s a refreshing addition to the area and I hope it does well. kilox sdn bhd (johor jaya)
For more information you can check out their website:

Duran Duran in the ‘ham

October 28th, 2011

A very nice reader of the blog offered to add me to a list of 100 people to meet Duran Duran at the British Beer Company in Framingham tonight so…I went!   A few years ago I found this carnival mirror at the downtown Framingham Salvation Army thrift shop. how long ivermectin paste

I thought it’d be funny to bring it and although they “weren’t allowed” to sign things tonight, John Taylor did get a kick out of it. scaboma plus lotion side effects   He said it was “wicked” and and asked me how old it was and showed it to Nick Rhodes who also looked at with amusement. ivermectina 500mg Nothing all that interesting but now I can put the mirror back in my pile of useless things knowing it served it’s one minute purpose- you never know when random thrift store purchases will come in handy 🙂
Thanks again Mo for the opportunity to meet the guys!

Ghosts of Dennsion

October 26th, 2011

I was in a 5 and dime in Taunton yesterday and came across some old Dennison products.
I got this for my friend Jim who is a kind of Dennison “connoisseur”.

Something like yard sale tags don’t seem like anything much, but to Jim and I (and I’m sure many other people) it’s a reminder of how happening Framingham used to be.  The Dennison Manufacturing Company produced really great paper products and especially excelled with Halloween party supplies.
I have a few in my own collection:

If you want to see some really impressive examples you can check out Jim’s talk at the Framingham History Center on Oct. 30th at 2:00pm.  There’s an admission fee of $5 (free for FHC members) and you can click here for more info.
If you’re not around or don’t want to pay $5, I think it’s worth googling “Dennison Halloween” and checking out some of awesomeness they made.
I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but some of the designs are fantastic and it’s amazing how recognizable some of these images are that I’ve seen hanging in house windows and tacked to schoolroom bullentin boards for so many years and never realized these decorative images were created right here in Framingham.
I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

Angry Ham’s/Octane/Angry Ham’s

September 30th, 2011

(I know it’s not the best but it’s the only pic I have to represent this place)
I haven’t watched the whole video but apparently Angry Ham’s was a guinea pig for the show “Bar Rescue” which woudl exlpain why I saw the name change from Angry Han’s to Octane and I guess they decided to go back to Angry Ham’s after the show was done.

Watch the episode here:

Far East Buffet

September 21st, 2011

My mom and I like going to the occasional Chinese buffet (yes, knowing it’s not authentic Chinese food and knowing these buffets are pretty much all the same) and we had a coupon ($12.95 instead of $14.95 for dinner) for the fairly new Far East Buffet at 220 Worcester Rd. ???? ???? 2022 next to Cabot furniture.
Inside was nice and clean although pretty empty for a Sunday night.

There was a decent variety of the usual suspects, chicken/shrimp/beef/pork and vegetables, fried goodies, spare ribs, rice and noodles.  They also had offerings like sauteed in-shell clams, family style tofu crab legs, shrimp, shu mai and these crispy fried shrimp things that were great. ????? ???? ??? ???????? Some had scallions and some here plain. 
I also really liked their beef teriyaki (my plate with seaweed salad, shu mai, bok choy, fried shrimp things, crab rangoon, chicken and beef teriayki):

Here’s some shots of other stuff:

Desserts are a variety of cakes, fruit and the server asks you if you’d like ice cream and gives you a choice of three flavors.
We got green tea and coconut almond chocolate chip

It’s okay, not bad or amazing but if I was craving beef teriyaki, I’d get an order to go from there since they have a full menu as well, but even then, I’d have to go on rt.9, so I don’t know. There is no website that I can find but their phone is (508) 872-4888 for any further info.

Farmer’s Market

September 14th, 2011

I won’t bother with how unhappy I’ve been with living in Framingham the past few months.  Never mind the town-wide construction and traffic, or the creepy “spiritual church” that moved in next door and makes all sorts of noise outside after their session lets out at 11pm, or the small businesses that have closed up, sad neglected plazas or… a number of other things.  Instead, I’ll just say that the one bright spot of my work week is the Farmer’s Market, Thursday’s at the common.
Is it cheap? No.  In fact I’ve refused to pay the prices some of the vendors charge.
But the variety of vendors has improved and I like checking it out every week to see who is there.
One of the things I look forward to is the fresh custom-made lemonade:

You can get it with lemons, limes, raspberries, peaches and whatever else they have to offer that day. You can also choose from sugar, agave or stevia as a sweetener.  This is my “creation” I brought back to the office:
There’s always the baked goods guy that has great stuff:

There’s always the painter down at the end which mixes up the offerings at the market:

I’ve only seen Whoopie Monster once but they’re scheduled to be there tomorrow.

They make these cute little whoopie pies in a variety of flavors:

Some of the other vendors sell seafood, fresh pasta, meat and of course fruits and vegetables.
I saw this guy a couple of weeks ago and it made my day:

For more information about the market you can check out this link:

Top Shelf

July 3rd, 2011

Last week we went to check out the newly opened Top Shelf restaurant at 250 Worcester Rd. (Where Bronzetti’s used to be)
Inside was nicely remodeled.  I remember how Bronzetti’s didn’t remodel after taking the  space over form a sushi bar and it was awkwardly still Japanese looking for an Italian/pizza place.
Our server brought over some fresh focaccia bread with dipping oil that was a little spicy but very flavorful.

We each got a salad, which generously portioned.  Ethan got a Caesar that he enjoyed a lot, nothing unusual about it but had nice crisp lettuce and just the right amount of a tasty dressing.

I got a Greek salad and this was actually my favorite part of the meal:

It was a perfect ratio of green and kalamata olives with tomato, roasted red pepper, cucumber, red onion and feta.  It was more than enough even without lettuce.
For dinner Ethan got the special baked cod that was really good.  I never think of cod as that great of a dish but it was so fresh and that really made a difference in making this a delicious choice.  The red potatoes were perfectly cooked too.  Broccoli and carrots were decently mild and a nice side to have.

I got the scallops with roasted red pepper pesto.

The scallops were good, the sauce was okay, I think in general $16 is a lot for 4 scallops (although it comes with three red potatoes and broccoli and carrots)
For dessert we shared a chocolate cake and the berries and cream recommended by our server.

The chocolate cake was fantastic, really rich and just enough cream on it.  The berries were in  Grand Marnier whipped cream which was a nice, lightly textured dessert to follow a full meal.
You can check out their website for all information including menus, hours and contact info.

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