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This Is Framingham
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Halloween Express

September 27th, 2007

Last night we went to Halloween Express which has taken over the space at 303 Worcester Rd.
This place is great, it’s huge inside and has everything you could possibly want for Halloween, costumes, wigs, props, decorations, party stuff, life-size animated ghouls etc.. ??? ???? ?????

A very impressive selection  and the staff  there were happy to help with any questions.  There was a glowing, blinking pair of eyes you can put in a shrub that we could have got  if we still had this giant shrub next to our front door but I got some good ideas for decorations just walking around. ??????? ???? 2022   I’ll definitely be back in the next couple of weeks! ????? ??????? ???? ?????? 2024

Walgreens now open

September 6th, 2007

It seemed like it took a long time for the new Walgreens on 624 Waverly St. to open.  I didn’t even realize it was open until I thought of checking up on it’s progress.
It’s right on the outskirts of downtown, but I think it’s a great addition to the area, it’s an alright looking building, that is clean and a store that I have business going to.
I was impressed with their Halloween display, complete with hanging caged ghouls.

Most impressive was their drink selection.  I think they had every drink that is currently available (except TAB) Little things like that really make a difference (especially when I’m thirsty)

I guess I have to say this is a “yay” even though it’s just a drug store, I’m glad it’s there and think it’s good for the area.

I like how Home Goods thinks!

July 17th, 2007

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Halloween and normally I don’t condone stores gearing up with items for something months ahead of time but I was pleasantly surprised when I went into Home Goods on Cochichuate road last week.  Right in the front of the store is a nice display of Halloween knick knacks and another display by a side wall.
Kudos to who ever made the executive decision to start peddling this stuff in July!

Breaking the record!?

June 22nd, 2007

Ethan and I were walking down Union Ave. today (June 22) and we saw a round orange object on the sidewalk across the street.  At first I thought it was a basketball but upon closer inspection we found out it was a pumpkin. uso de ivermectina en humanos   Then I thought maybe it was a fake pumpkin so I ran across the street to check it out and it was definitely real.

There were some signs of rot on the back but kudos to whoever managed to keep this pumpkin going until now. how often do you give ivermectin to dogs   My personal record of keeping a pumpkin from October is mid-April.  Nothing that outrageous about this but I usually don’t see pumpkins sitting on the sidewalk in late June so I thought I’d share. ivermectin south africa online

Happy Halloween!

October 31st, 2006

Last year I only got 2 trick-or-treaters. Also, some 10 year olds were riding their bikes by my house (not in costumes) and asked them if they wanted candy. They said “sure” and took some but I don’t know if that counts in addition to the two real trick-or-treaters.

Pretty sad, considering I really look forward to giving out candy on Halloween. 
I have my front step ready with more pumpkins than last year and a doormat to signal there is candy here so we’ll see what the turn out will be like tonight.

Have a great Halloween!

Maenzo’s Hair Design

October 23rd, 2006

Ethan had to get a haircut so I asked him to go here to Maenzo’s (formerly Mug and Brush) support sad plaza and see what it’s like. 
I’ve never been by when it’s open and it kind of looked like a guy-only barber shop but when we went in there two women getting their hair done and a third woman waiting.

I really like that they decorated for Halloween : )

While Ethan got his hair cut, the lady sitting next to me showed me pictures of some baby snapping turtles she found in her yard.  We ended up having a nice conversation while she waited for her hairdresser to be available. ????? ????  

Cosmo, one of the barber’s dog was there too, he was a very well-behaved pup that kept me company until Ethan was done.
They did a decent job and it was a pleasant experience so if you need a haircut check out Maenzo’s at 444 Franklin St.

Yay: Warehouse Wine and Spirits

September 15th, 2006

Warehouse Wine and Spirits is on Route 9 right next to Whole Foods. The employees are always pleasant and helpful. Last year I tried ordering my most favorite beer in the world, Blackened Voodoo, but the New Orleans based brewery that makes it was destroyed by Katrina and what was left had been sold out from all of the distributors they tried.

Last night I went back in there and asked if there was any news on Blackened Voodoo being available again but it’s not…yet.
So I asked the guy who orders the beer what he would suggest being a runner up to Voodoo and he took the time to show me what he thought would be a close match. I was in a beer mood so I got couple of his suggestions plus some pumpkin ales to try.
Here’s the line up.

He said the closest match would be “Old Peculiar” and I have to say it was pretty close.

I have ONE bottle of Blackened’s sister, Crimson Voodoo, which is also amazing but I’ve had it since last Halloween so I doubt it’s good but I can’t bring myself to pour this precious brew down the drain.

Warehouse Wine and Spirits is very helpful and really went the extra mile trying to hunt down someone to get any remaining Voodoo last year. The beer guy said he heard on the radio that they are currently trying to get the brewery going again but jerks keep breaking in there and stealing the equipment but he’ll call me when they can get it again.

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