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Make way for goslings

July 18th, 2008

One night Ethan and I came home to find a family of geese crossing the street from the Framingham Union Hospital parking lot at Learned Pond, over to our yard.   This is funny because we’ve never seen geese on our yard and it’s so tiny that it seems like an odd choice to feast on but they did. 

Although we kept our distance, at one point they started marching right towards us.  It’s funny how much bigger they seem when they’re coming right at you.

We watched them for a while since they were taking their time crossing the street and it was at a dangerous corner that people like to whizz around fast sometimes. horse uveitis ivermectin fenbendazole   I don’t know what we could have done if that hapened but I felt better watching them until they crossed back across the street. ivermectin is available in 10 mg/ml and 2.7 mg/ml injectable form

Safely back across the street, returning to the pond. ivermectina 3mg para cachorro bula

Thus concluded nature night at our house.  They’re not great for the lawn but I’d rather this than the thing that went to town on our grass last year (who hasn’t returned – so far)


  1. Michelle, posts like this one are exactly why I LOVE THIS BLOG!!! I think it’s wonderful that you take time to note and comment on the things all around you in Framingham, even the seemingly inconsequential things that a lot of other people would simply ignore.

    I’m a lot like you: I notice stuff like this family of geese and I think it’s neat that they’re around us, doing their thing.

    I live within walking distance of the hospital, too, and I often walk my dogs around there. I have noticed a surprising number of wild animals in that area and I’m sure that they’re drawn to the place by the pond behind the hospital.

    Probably the funniest phenomenon I’ve witnessed over in the hospital parking lot is that there are a few KAMIKAZEE BLUEJAYS who always divebomb at my dogs and me whenever we walk there in the morning. It’s pretty funny, becuase at least one of my dogs could kick a Blue Jay’s butt (although the others couldn’t) but the birds are fearless.

    I encourage everyone who likes wildlife to wander around that Lincoln Street area because there’s a lot of cool life to be seen if people will take the time to observe it. I’m an old Zoology major who still has a big appreciation for wildlife, so I’m very glad that you took time to post this cool entry on the geese.


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