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Limey’s Pub

October 3rd, 2010

Last night Ethan and I went to check out the newly opened Limey’s Pub.  I’ve been looking forward to this place opening because it’s in walking distance of my house and it’s something new and different for downtown. 
Inside they’ve done a great job with remodeling.  It’s not the dark (although kind of dim) shady atmosphere that Sampan was and it had a laid back and yes, “pubby” feel to it. ???? ??????? ???? ???? ?????

We started off with a couple pints of Guiness

and then Ethan got the shepherd’s pie and I got the fish and chips:

 The pie was really good.  A traditional mixture of beef and lamb with vegetables, mashed potatoes and cheese.

and the fish was perfectly light and flakey:

The fries were really great too.  The service was friendly and attentive, as you’d expect it to be during their first week open but I think it is just the kind of place that will always make you feel welcome and treat their customers well. ????? ???????
I’m so glad this was a good experience with good food because as we know, downtown needs some good places to go to. I really wish them well.
No website yet and if you google them, there’s not a lot of information like a phone number or anything but I’m guessing it’s because they’re just so new, but they’re at 101 Concord Street (where Sampan’s used to be). uno rules  

Farmer’s Market

September 18th, 2010

Every Thursday on the center common the Farmer’s Market sets up from 12:30-5:30.  I love this time of year anyway but it’s so great to be able to check out the local fall harvest and other treats right outside my work.
This year they have added a couple of new vendors one selling fish and one selling fresh pasta.

An impressive variety of pasta offerings:

Of course here are poduce stands as well as breads and pastries:

I know the hours aren’t good for people who work until 5 in another town (like I used to and would be annoyed I couldn’t go) but if you can swing by, it’s worth checking out.  I’m not sure how many more weeks they’ll be there but you can check out their site for any announcements and links to the vendors’ websites:

Ice Cream at Eastleigh Farm

June 29th, 2010

Last week my boss and I decided to take a fieldtrip to Eastleigh Farm and take part in their $1 scoop ice cream deal.
I had never been to the farm but I’ve heard about it a lot this year due to the Board of Health recently approving the sale of raw milk and all the hubbub that went along with that .
The shop is in a rustic building at the front of the property and inside they sell all their goods like milk, ice cream, cheese, eggs and more.

The ice cream they sell is not made with raw dairy and they have a lot of flavors to choose from.
Annie got chocolate chip and I got Almond Joy.  The cones are a very decent size for . ????? ?????? 2023

The price goes up after July 4th, to how much I don’t know, but I think this heat wave we’ve been having is a great reason to take a trip to the farm and get a cone! ???? ??????   For more information checkout Eastleigh’s site at:

Metrowest Bootcamp

May 14th, 2010

I signed up for Metrowest Bootcamp 2 weeks ago and I love it.  They offer 6am or 6pm sessions at Farm Pond and since I get up early, I chose the 6am time.  I hate to say it, but I just can’t see myself doing all this stuff on my own, so it’s great to have motivation from the instructors.  They’re really nice and know what they’re doing – since I don’t, it’s a huge help to have the direction they give. ????? ???? ??? ????

They have us do all sorts of “drills” and exercises and although I was in some pain getting used to the workout, it feels good and it’s such an awesome way to start the day. ???? ??? ???? ????? ???   Also, it’s a nice way to get to know people who live in the area, I’ve met some great people and have fun comparing what hurts the next day 🙂
For more info check out their site:

Artistic Edge Salon

March 20th, 2010

  Due to a number of people recommending the Artistic Edge Salon, and the fact that I needed a haircut, I decided to check them out.
The owner, Jennifer Brumm has a comfortable salon. For me, getting my hair cut is like getting my car’s oil changed, I know I should do it but it always seems to be a pain to actually go get it done.  Since I needed to take advantage of a day off from work and just finally go get my haircut, I called and asked Jennifer if she could fit me in that day.  She was booked but she has a couple of other girls who work for her and use the same cutting techniques, so I booked an appointment with Gretchen.

I thought it was interesting that they specialise in “dry cutting” which is a technique Jennifer learned in Chicago, some places in Boston do it but she’s the only one in this area who does it.  I’ll admit, I was a little sceptical, and even thought they just wanted to save on water or something but I was really surprised later when I washed it, that my hair (which usually puffs out when it air dries) stayed “normal” looking.  I couldn’t believe it.  So I asked Gretchen to write a little something about why dry cutting works so well.  Here’s what she said:

“The reason cutting hair dry is so beneficial is because when you cut hair dry you can see were the hair falls naturally. When cutting hair wet you can not see a persons natural part, wave or kink especially people with cow licks and curly hair! Dry cutting curly hair is crucial. If you cut curly hair wet you can not see were the curl begins, if you cut curly hair with out knowing were the curl starts you ruin the cuticle and natural starting point of the curl which will lead to split ends and frizzy curls instead of healthy bouncy curls”.

Anyway, this was my latest discovery in hair salons in Framingham.  You can check out their site for more info:

The new address is below:


The Artistic Edge Hair Salon

1151 Worcester Rd.

Framingham,MA, 01701 


Salon Phone #: 508-405-0978

Luke Foley, DJ Extraordinaire

February 21st, 2010

Friday night I went to check out Luke Foley (pictured above, left) at his gig at the Eagle’s hall.  Normally I wouldn’t find myself at a 18+ event but I know Luke from work and have been hearing him talk about his DJing for a while now, so I finally got around to seeing him in action.
Being the old lady that I am, I got there when the doors opened at 8:30pm and stayed for about an hour.  It started to really get hopping when I was leaving (coincidence?) and there ended up being 250 people!  Luke knows how to get the crowd going and it was fun just to see the kids have such a great time.

Luke is available for parties, Bar Mitzvah’s, etc… and can be contacted at and by phone at 781 572 9894.  Great job Luke-ay!

Cintolo’s Market

February 13th, 2010

I’ve only been to Cintolo’s once before to get some signatures to run for town meeting but I heard they sell great homemade sausage on Thursdays so I went to check it out.
For anyone who doesn’t know, Cintolo’s is a little neighborhood market that has been in business for 70 years and people who go in there end up talking with Mr. & Mrs. Cintolo for a while, sometimes pulling up a chair and staying a while.   The nice thing is that if they don’t know they don’t make you feel like you don’t belong there. When I went in to buy the sausage, Mrs. Cintolo was asking me how I planned on cooking it and gave me suggestions on different recipes. 
Also, I  though it was cute that even though they’ve been in business so long and have a regular clientele, she was interested in how I heard about them.  She was just so nice and easy to talk to.  I went in there to get one thing and ended up talking with her for 10-15 minutes and she asked me to come back and let her know how I liked the sausage.
I sauteed it with onions and peppers and it was dee-licious!

This is one of the most adorable small business in Framingham and worth making the trip for sausage.
Cintolo’s is at 371 Grant Street.  They don’t have a sign anymore, I forgot to ask if it was because of a storm or the ridiculously strict sign regulations in town, but you should be able to recognize it by the striped awning in front of the store.

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