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Anastasia’s Oven and Grill

November 13th, 2006

Saturday was so nice out we decided to walk downtown.  While we were there we went to Anastasia’s. 
Anastasias is one of the more welcoming storefronts downtown with its bright colors and modern light fixtures seen from the street and seems to be fairly new/renovated.

We’ll get the pizza sometime (as it’s been advised by some readers) but that day we were in the mood for steak and cheese subs.  I got mine with mushrooms and Ethan got his with onions and peppers.
Here’s mine:

The cheese is under the steak, which I always think is a little weird but it tastes just as good and maybe that’s how its supposed to be done.  It was pretty much what I expected, nothing spectacular but not disappointing either.  It hit the spot and I’m glad this place is walkable from home. 

I’m looking forward to trying the pizza sometime.


  1. Upon reading your review I went down to Anastasia’s. I especially liked that they had parking in the back. I was intrigued by the buffalo sauce pizza’s they had. I’ve never seen such a think. I just got a small but it was so good that I ate the whole thing. When I go back I’m going to try some of those freshly breaded seafoods they have. I wish they had outdoor seating but their unique menu makes up for it.

    Comment by John Tadesky May 11, 2007 @ 8:41 pm

  2. This place is great. My friends and I get it all the time. Big portions, great food. I recommend the steak tip dinner. chicken kabob, and the Anastasia’s Southern Chicken…SO much better than a KFC mashed potatoe bowl!!!

    Comment by Freddy May 28, 2008 @ 11:30 am

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