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Last of the lost footage or Route 9

November 7th, 2007

As I’ve mentioned these stills were taken from a video camera in a moving car and these screen shots were, believe it or not, the best I could get from this tape.  The reason I’m posting these is because I’ve had a few requests from people who would like to see them and even through the blurriness, I found these to evoke crystal clear images in my head of how these places really looked, it’s funny how  the brain works with what it gets. So hopefully someone can also get some enjoyment from these shots. 

Classic dome of Jordan Marsh

The Jordan Marsh Car Care Center

Caldor (and CVS to the far right)

This one I think is the worst picture but I would have totally forgot about the Mr. Donut on route 9 if I hadn’t seen this.

The hotel that was where Trader Joe’s is now.

 Also, even though it’s not Framingham I could’t resist posting some of Natick. 
Sears with it’s multiple flags

Side entrance of the mall next to Anderson-Little

Of course the legendary York’s Steak house.

Star Market where the Container Store is now.

Thats it really for Route 9 footage.  I owe you Mitch : )

Enclosed walk-ways at Shopper’s World

March 16th, 2007

 In my internet travels I found an old ad for Rohm and Haas Plexiglas signs for sale on ebay.  The ad boasts that “Three-fourths of the stores at Shopper’s World use Plexiglas signs”.  I remember I did actually wonder what kind of factory could make those humungous letters for the “CINEMA” sign.

This ad was interesting because of what seems to be the presence of enclosed walkways, which were before my time and I think I remember being mentioned in great the documentary “Shopper’s World: A look back“.  I forget the reason they did away with these, maybe it got insanely hot in the summer.

I always liked the exposed walkways, even in the winter.  It’s no different than shopping in the city in the winter and it was kind of fun before leaving a store to make the game plan of what store to run to next.  I know it wasn’t fun for some people but I think it was a fair trade off to have such a unique shopping experience as S.W.

Any new readers can click on the Shopper’s World category to read my feelings about Shopper’s World.  I’ll save my usual rant…for now!

The best television on television!

January 21st, 2007

Flipping through the channels last night I came across our new cable access again, not that I counted it out because of the victrola but I usually forget to even check what’s on there or I just never happen to catch anything that keeps me there for a while unless I count Jim Pillsbury’s last show which I was so mesmerized by I didn’t even answer my phone. (Note to self: Never tick-off Jim Pillsbury)

To my surprise there was a documented trip to Shoppers World in it’s final days.  The program’s host talked about it’s glorious past and a little about it’s “warehouse” future and took the viewer on a tour inside and out. ?????? ?????? 2022

I think this was such a great use for Framingham public access and just goes to show there really is something for everyone on it.  The more local people get involved in it the better it will be. ????? ???? ???????   I’m still thinking of a show to contribute myself. ????

If anyone is interested,”Shopper’s World- A Look Back” is on again at 6pm tonight(1/21) and 11am tomorrow.

Interesting ebay items

October 11th, 2006

I was scanning through ebay and found these little gems.  Anyone interested in old postcards of the real Shopper’s World might want to hop on ebay and bid on these beauties. (I won’t be bidding, I buy too many nick nacks!)

Shopper’s (stupid) World

October 6th, 2006

As stated in my previous Shopper’s World post, I am not a fan of the new “world”.  I hate it.  I know some people say it was cold in the winter to shop at there but it’s also cold to walk around and shop here in the winter too- or are you supposed to get in your car and drive from one end of the parking lot to the other?  I can’t tell what the purpose of this layout is but I think it’s horrible. 

I avoid this place as much as possible out of spite but there are times I have to go.  A few weeks ago I was there with my little sister, her infant in a stroller and my mom. ????   We were at Babies R Us and wanted to get to DSW (pictured in the background). 
It’s such an uncomfortable process to get from one side to another. Cars don’t want to stop at the crosswalks and then when you get into the parking lot you have to cross the lanes looking both ways 2 or 3 times to make sure no one is zooming down the lane or from around the corner. There are some sidewalks that go in one direction through the parking lot but if you’re trying to go in the direction from south to north on the east side then there is no path and you have to dodge traffic.

I can’t help but wonder what people were thinking when they approved demolishing the historic old shopper’s world and the not-so-functional plans for the new one.  It’s not a relaxing place to stroll around and shop. It’s sad that I dread going to a place that I used to look forward to going to. ???????? ?? ????????

The Wrentham Outlets have the same idea of old shoppers world and put the parking on the outside of a pedestrian-only shopping area. enzo casino   Maybe someday they’ll tear this thing down and reformat.

That’s all I have to say about that right now.

I miss you!

July 5th, 2006

whats left
Especially when the weather is nice out, I miss having the old Shoppers World around.  All that’s left are these steel beams at Rt. 30 and Speen Street that used to hold the neon sign.  I know some people say it was ratty and ugly (and outdated towards the end) but I think it was really special.
It was so great to just walk around from shop to shop without having to worry about getting mowed down by a car and getting some fresh air at the same time.  Where else could you find a Windsor Button Shop, a House of Zodiac AND see live reindeer all at the same mall? 
I remember going there with my mom and sisters when we were little, shmying around and taking train rides, being a teenager and going to the movies with my friends and working at Joan and Ed’s deli when I was in college.  I feel like Shopper’s World was such a terrific place and now it’s just chain stores and asphalt.  I don’t want to sound like an old lady shaking her cane into the air but, the new shoppers world isn’t even worthy of the name Shoppers World!  They should call it Another blob of generic stores you can find anywhere in America with bland, unoriginal structures and no trains or reindeer”
I know it would be a big sign but they can afford it.
Check out this link  and this link to see some great old shoppers world photos.
Also thanks to Mitch Cohen, here’s a last look at Jordan Marsh before the old girl was torn down.


Feel free to comment about any of your favorite stores or experiences at Shoppers World (the real Shoppers World).

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