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New drug store

February 27th, 2007

According to the building permit I found on the town website, the old Honey Dew Donuts on 135 is going to be a drug store.  I think this will be interesting seeing that CVS is right downtown and a Walgreen’s will be moving in a little further down 135. 
I think those are really the only drugstores I see around outside of pharmacies in supermarkets (besides the occasional Osco Drug) and since it’s such a small building I wonder if this is a small business that will try to compete with the major chain drugstores. 
If it is, good luck little guy! : )


  1. I have noticed construction going on in that little building and have wondered what it will be. When the Town (or State??) mandated the reconfiguring of that parking lot, it KILLED Honey Dew’s business because it was so difficult and tricky to drive in and out of there.

    So many insurance companies and HMOs only work with the big chains like Walgreens, CVS, and Osco…. I wonder how a little guy can make it as a drug store. We used to use Dean Pharmacy when it was at Hartford St. and Concord St. but the insurance/HMOs drove them out over ten years ago. One of their pharmacists went to Walgreens on Rte. 9.

    Well, I do agree in that I do wish that little guy well!

    Comment by Rev. Bob Baril February 27, 2007 @ 9:17 pm

  2. A drugstore? What a dumb idea!

    Wait a minute, wait a minute, I just thought of something . . . maybe the reason that a small, independent “little guy” is opening up a drug store in that downtown Framingham location — even though it will have to compete with CVS and Walgreens — is because he’s planning to be a drugstore with a difference. Maybe this particular drug store will cater to the “drug crowd” that has taken up residence in Downtown Framingham.

    Think about it: the store’s only a stone’s throw from the methadone clinic, the Salvation Army, the shelters, the lodging houses, the “rehab” facilities, SMOC, and train station through which most of the “clients” of such places are dumped here.

    If this “little guy” chooses to sell the right kind of drugs, i.e., the illegal ones, he would have an extremely profitable business because there’s certainly a healthy market for those drugs in Downtown Framingham and, even worse, there seems to be no shortage of customers in sight. They just keep coming here!

    Another drugstore? What a dumb idea for that location! What’s next – a “Sex Offender Accessories” store???? Give me a break.

    P.S. On another note Michelle, one of my favorite posts of yours is the one about the Card Store next to Big Town Pantry. I noticed last night that they’re having a “going out of business” sale and I thought you may want to check it out! I guess that means the lone tube of toothpaste in the “health and beauty department” will finally be moved off of the shelf!!!

    Comment by Amy February 28, 2007 @ 8:32 am

  3. Hmmmm. Maybe they’re going to be an internet mail-order type pharmacy. Is the new owner from Orlando by chance? Does he know Jose Canseco? Jason Grimsley?

    Comment by Jeff February 28, 2007 @ 4:39 pm

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