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Royal Cleaners

January 29th, 2012

Our washing machine bit the dust and while we were in-between washers at home we decided to do a couple of loads at a local laundromat.  The closest one for us was “Friendly Cleaners” in Sad Plaza but as much as I truly love retro appliances from the 70’s, (I really do) that place is a little sketch at night considering it’s tucked in the corner of an empty plaza that leaves a note asking the last customer to close the door.  So we headed north to Royal Laundry in Nobscot (847 Edgell Rd.)
It wasn’t bad, were the only ones there but didn’t feel unsafe.

It’s very clean and they have TVs and wifi there.  The only  thing that was a disappointment was the totally vacant vending machine.

We were looking for a snack but just got some pizza at Gianni’s across the way.  But the machines we used worked properly and I’d rather have a pleasant washing experience than a wide (or I guess any) selection of snacks.  So it was nice but hopefully we won’t be needing to visit again anytime soon.


  1. I’ve used this laundromat several times. I like the fact that it’s clean but I do wish it took quarters instead of a card you put the money on. Having the Nobscot Cafe next door was nice too. When I go, I usually start my laundry, order lunch (or dinner), change to the dryer half way through my meal and it’s all ready when my dinner is done.

    As an aside, the Chinese food place next to Nobscot’s isn’t bad either.

    Comment by Susie February 2, 2012 @ 2:06 pm

  2. Lately, I noticed that Friendly Cleaners in Sad Plaza has closed down the last time I went to pick up something from the 400, and walked around the place.

    Comment by James October 12, 2012 @ 6:03 pm

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